Competition description

How to participate

It’s very simple
Download our box design and create a maze inside.

• There must be a 6x6x6 room in the center
• The outer shell must not have changed colors
I think that’s it, the whole interior design is your idea 😉

Project finished? Send a PM to TIM#7379 on Discord!

What can you win?

Any dlc from the game Space Engineers:
• Decorative Pack
• Style Pack
• Economy Deluxe
• Decorative Pack #2
• Frostbite
• Spart of the Future
• Warfare 1
• Heavy Industry
• Warfare 2

Prizes will be given to three creators of the best projects.

You can send your projects until 15.09.2022








The results of the competition will be announced
on 30.09.2022