All funds allocated for server maintenance




After making subsidy, write to administrator
Discord: @Tim

After making a subsidy for selected amount
 credits will appear at a neutral station in secure container.

Player receives safe container.
Enter your nick name so that we can inform you
Example: (Nick in Discord – Nick in game)
[Realization time 24h]

The Rebels Games subsidy is voluntary and entirely intended for maintenance of game server.
In return, you get an immaterial bonus in the game, in form of credits, which you can exchange for raw materials or unique blocks at Trader station,
as well as an overview of the latest changes for the server on Discord channel [gitlab-feed]
In addition, the player receives a role on the Discord server [ Donators 🎖️ ]
If person decides to donate +100€ he will receive a role Super Donators ⭐]

Donation to server is treated as server support, donator receives a non-physical item in game Space Engineers.
For the Rebels-Games group it is not a sale, but a form of thanks, because of members works as a volunteer.

About exchange in Trader

1€ = 1 Rebelium

1 Rebelium = 720 Rebel Components

1 Rebelium = 30.000 Irium

1 Diamond = 100 Irium

1 Irium = 1000 Space Credit

1 Irium = 100 Credit