Donate on Rebels Games servers

All funds allocated for infrastructure and server maintenance.
In return: You have the best-polished and performance servers with continuously support.

The Rebels Games subsidy is voluntary and entirely intended for maintenance of game server.
In return, as an overview of the latest changes for the server on Discord channel [gitlab-feed]
The player also receives an intangible item Rebelium – converter 1:1 in €
Which will be in a safe in the main station in the game.
(The safe is not limited in time and you can keep what you want there)

In addition, the player receives a role on the Discord server [ Donators 🎖️ ]
If person decides to one-time donate +100€ he will receive reserve slot and role Super Donators ⭐]

Donation to server is treated as server support.
For the Rebels-Games group it is not a sale, but a form of thanks, because of members works as a volunteer in 100%.

Remember! Add your Discord and Game nickname in the comment

Donations transferred using the paypal