Anti Cheat Plugin

Modern solutions for counter-cheat services for multiplayer gameplay
focusing on comprehensive anti-cheat action

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Ease of use

Infrastructure ensures ease of use and the interface gives us the ability to choose the level of protection

Collecting data

Creating logs and collecting information about eliminated threats, so you know that your server is protected

High effects

Comprehensive lock prevents any negative applications from running, keeping your server clean and safe

Safe solutions

The development team created a unique solution based on their own experience, using the latest tools available on the market and information gathered from multiple servers.

Data Encryption

Using the latest technologies, the plugin has been secured to prevent data leakage
Such solutions give us certainty of effectiveness

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A useful tool that adds a few interesting mechanics
and fixes to increase the stability of the server.

Global Utility

Many servers use this plugin
Thanks to it, they can control some elements in the game easier and faster. In addition, the plugin gives us options that are not available in the base game.

Safe Zone Protection Plugin

Safety switch for the forgetful, automatically enables the selected functions in the block.

Extra Protection

Thanks to this plugin, players on the server do not have to worry about switches in the block. The server automatically deselects all checkboxes when the owner is not nearby.

Discord Plugin

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Several new features and streamline operation. Optimized version for better performance.

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Anti Cheat plugin uses encryption!
When you download it, your anti virus may mark it as virus. as it's cant be scanned.
Be aware of it, because it's the only way the cheat makers won't create a backdoor.