Update - 1.0.2



  • Removed Hand Tools from traders (no more cheating by disassembling tools)
  • Visual changes in default Rebel suit
  • Added 1 Enhanced welder to Easy starting ships (now welding your first base won’t be so annoying)
  • Hardcore starting ships now has components for 2 batteries and 2 solar panels instead of 1 battery and 4 solar panels (there wasn’t enough initial energy to refine enough ore for small coal reactor on a large grid, players could be forced to wait for sunrise)



  • Medium Gyroscopes on both grids has correct mass and integrity
  • Fixed Steel Plate Box and Interior Plate Box mass and integrity
  • Fixed Crushers cargo capacity
  • Fixed Crushers power consumption (standby and working)
  • Fixed ,,Energy Hack’’ in trade stations
  • Now custom components should building without any interruption
  • Temporary we disabled spawn and cleanup of NPC ships, we believe it will help with disappearing grids (it also fix bug “Easy grown way”)

If you have any ideas what we should add or change or you found any bugs/imbalance in gameplay please let us know, we are doing our best to make our server well balanced but we can’t predict everything so we need your help.

We hope you enjoy playing on our server and we wish you good game.

Rebels-Games Team