Update - 1.0.4


1. Because of Keens’ changes in the respawn system, we are forced to leave the possibility of spawning only on the moon
2. Since now objects of inactive players more then 14 days will be removed


  • Added mod Faction Offline Protection
  • Restored mod Build Info
  • Restored mod Easy Inventory
  • Restored scripts in game
  • Improved accuracy of GPS points
  • Unlocked hand tools for all assemblers
  • Restored correct suit’s capacity (2.000)
  • Restored correct speed of grinding and welding (2, 2)
  • Reduced health after rebirth (43hp)


  • Fixed frequency of Uranium on Planets / Moons
  • Fixed ammo volume MK / ADV
  • Fixed Hud bug
  • Fixed modification error Build Info
  • Changed volume of advanced component, advanced transmitter, advanced processor from 1 000 to 50

Rebels-Games Team