The course of matches:

:OrangePoint:9 teams of 4 people (3 qualifying matches, 2 playoff, 1 semi-final, 1 final)
:OrangePoint:3 teams fight to collect points in match.
:OrangePoint:Points (uranium) counts only after escape pod is repaired to 100%.
:OrangePoint:Each match is a separate game (points are only valid in specific match – they do not affect other matches)
:OrangePoint:Points are not carried over to the next matches (you collect them in order to win the current match)
:OrangePoint:The team with the most points after reaching 100% repair escape pod wins the match.

:OrangePoint:The first 3 matches are qualifying matches (in which, teams are fighting for quick access to the finals)
:OrangePoint:Winners of the qualifying matches, are automatically advanced to the final. (Team 1 and 9 as an example)
    Other teams fight in 2 playoff.
:OrangePoint:In case of winning a qualifying match (Team 5 as an example) but collecting less amount points than the other finalists,
    your team is taken to the semi-final.

:OrangePoint:Teams that did not win qualifying matches are taken to the playoffs.
:OrangePoint:Teams with the most points in the playoff matches, are taken to the semi-finals.
:OrangePoint:In the semi-finals, the team that collects the most points will advance to the final.

:OrangePoint:The best 3 teams will meet in the final, they will fight for the main prize.

Tournament starts: May 01 ◆ 5PM UTC








Join the league

To participate in the tournament and become part of the league
You must have a team of 4 peaople
and just join discord Rebels Games, submit your team in the tournament on special channel: LEAGUE Registration
There are a limited number of teams (9) in Season 01.

Winner team

The team that will last until the end and wins the final will receive
the Steam Keys DLC: Warfare 1


Uranium Heist
Open server with uranium heist scenario, open 24/7
 Name: Uranium Heist
Connect: steam://connect/

League Tournament
Limited access server, only for teams during the match.
 Name: League Tournament
Connect: steam://connect/

Challenge: Uranium Heist

Join the fight against two other teams and be the first to repair your escape pod and obtain the most uranium within the time limit!

Is your team up to the challenge?
Lock and load! When bullets fly,
a little radiation will be the least of your worries!


Gather resources and expand your arsenal as you defend your territory, construct defenses, and protect your uranium carrier.
Carrying uranium will slow your speed considerably, so you and your team will have to work together when escorting this precious cargo back to base.

1) Repair your cargo pod
2) Collect uranium from the center
3) Bring uranium to your cargo pod
4) Prevent other teams from doing the same

– Carrying uranium prevents you from sprinting
and reveals your position