Nebula Fun&Test World


Hello everyone!

Our main goals in omega were always stability and quality.
To move forward, and add new features we need to spend a lot of time testing. Testing features takes more time, than creating them.
We don’t have enough time to make a qualitative testing. Also, some errors raises only on production server.

So we wanted you help us in testing, and also having fun.

We are opening a new server, with non-hardcore settings:

– 12 player slots
– x6 refine / assemble speed
– 60000 PCU per player.
– 3 Nanobots per player

All updates coming to omega will be applied firstly tested on it.

Main goals what we want to archieve, by openning this test server are:

– Reduce amount of testing made by Rebels-games Team
– Get your feedback about new features
– Improve stability of server.
– Increase amount of players on omega & Rebels-games servers. 36 Players on omega is current limit, that we are trying to extend by plugin optimizations.

As it a test server, there will be some limitations on it:

– It will be a new fresh world. Everybody starts from zero. Progress on both servers doesn’t share.
– Features coming to it untested, and can contain errors, bugs, and can crash server often
– Restarts of server will be more often, as we need to apply new changes, to test them
– No ship \ station restorations. Only you take care of your constructions
– Server would be wipeable, as we need people to test new features. Having x6 refine & assemble speed, will allow you to reach max upgrades very soon, but we will need testing

If you see any bugs please, type as much info as you can in Discord channel.
You can get rewards on Omega for your reports!


Server encourage PVP

On server you will see gps coordinates of any grid in range of 10 km.

Radar visible distance depends on:
-Higher mass (for stations it is 0)
-Power consumption
-Speed you have
-In space you are visible by 3 times more!

But we also introduce Offline protection. Your base fully immune to any kind of damage when all of your faction members are offline.

This changes are experimental and can be changed in future. They NOT COMMING to Omega.


We have a special zone in space that spawn:
 -10 Rebel Components each 20 min.
 -100 Irium each 10 min.


Planets became much smoother and adapted for driving on wheels.
Be carefull with wheels. They are still very buggy!

Other mods:

Health and Energy Packs

SmartRotors: Solar


Name:  Nebula Fun&Test World

Rebels-Games Team