Server Update 1.0.0 Mods Pack

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Prepare to Mods Release:

  • Coal
    Issues with ModAPI caused Coal Powder was nearly infinite source of power. After research We discovered that reactors calculates amount of energy from fuel basing on weight. Coal was very heavy before update, that caused almost infinite amount of energy from that fuel. We rebalanced both Coal mass from 1000 kg to 0,001 kg and yield amount of ingot refined from ore from 0,0007 to 1,1. So now Coal will weight 1000000 time less, but you will get from ore about 1 600 more Coal Powder from same amount of ore. This rebalance will cause almost instantly burn through your Coal supplies. To avoid turning off Players bases, we shutted down all power hungry blocks like refineries, furnaces, assemblers etc.
    1 coal powder = 1kw (1000x less than 1 uranium ingot)

  • Coal Reactors
    Our balance concept was that Coal reactors will be main source of power for bases not ships because as you know bases have much lower energy consumption than ships. After rebalancing fuel and reactors (we change energy output from 100 MW to 15 MW (“vanilla tier”) for large grid Large Coal Reactor and for small grid Large Coal Reactor from 5MW to 0,2MW (200 kW). Small Coal Reactor for large grids will get power output: 1,5 MW (We will not add Small Coal Reactor version for Small grids).This rebalancing of power output We made because currently lowest tier of Large Coal Reactor can provide enough power for base with refineries and assemblers upgraded with highly advanced Speed modules.

  • Uranium
    This is also result of achieving desired balance. Our concept was that Uranium will be very high valued and desired luxury fuel. Unfortunately since start of server we didn’t corrected spawning uranium in voxels, and we have added far too much Uranium ingot in start ships, that’s why we had to turn off spawning uranium in voxels and drastically lowered ore to ingot ratio. In this update we added back uranium in voxels [but with 8x smaller voxel to ore ratio (so player get 8x less uranium from same volume of voxel also uranium ore to ingot ratio is 20x smaller then vanilla (0,00035) it means that from 1000 ore player will get 0,35 uranium ingot instead of 7]

Since now uranium follow same rules of thickness of deposits as other ores, what means that thickness of deposits compared to vanilla are:

  • Earth and all Moons – x2
  • Mars x4
  • Alien x8
  • Dead sun x16 (only uran and unknown ore can spawn there)


We have unlocked trade of Uranium in Traders with new fixed price


  • New Start Ships and Defensive Turret

During early days of server we saw that many players used start ships as powerful and free kinetic weapons of mass destruction, in other words, they just ram other bases/ships with passion. We have putted a lot of work hours to solve this problem. Probably We are first ones that created custom made, unique start ships, made from special blocks, that not only they have really unique design, but also have almost nonexistent integrity. That means, ANY shot makes start ship almost vanish. We also improved defence against starting ships and suits creating unique, little, extremely high fire ratio and bullet speed, really accurate turret that has extremely low damage. This turret is efficient ONLY against start ships and suits. Ammunition for Defensive Turret will require only tiny amount of iron, so it’s almost free. New start ships have also more balanced amount of components, all info what you can build from each start ships is on LCD panels on them.


  • Trade stations on Earth and Moons

Until now Trade station was only in space, getting there could be problem for beginners (mostly for planet start). That’s why we added new Trade stations, on earth and moon. Now each player can trade without traveling to space but can’t sell base ingots (like iron etc.) also price for selling is 50% of the price in space station (buying price remain same). So we recommend use them only if you very need certain type of resource.


  • New crusher speeds:

Large grid Strone/Ice crusher – 1500/s

Large grid Ore crusher – 300/s


Small grid Strone/Ice crusher – 500/s

Small grid Ore crusher – 100/s


those are vanilla tier speeds, each tier is 2x stronger


  • PCU limit changed From 15 000 To  25 000

Very possible that we will increase it in future. Probably  when we make sure that even with full server simspeed remain 1.0. We have some ideas how to improve gameplay on our server and those changes may destroy server performance (we are not sure about that) so we don’t want increase PCU limit too much and then be forced to decrease it, because of low sim speed


  • Magnesium will be available also on planets and moons. With same rules as other ores.

Finally players can defend themselfes from beginning. that means no more ramming or robbing defenceless bases with just suit and grinder.


  • Slightly rebalanced in prices of Custom components (MK and ADV).

They will require much much less iron(about 20x) and stone (about 6x) in exchange of some other ingots (total price remain same), before update mining enough iron and stone to build them was taking too much time and was very annoying.


  • Tiered Ship Welder/Grinders/Drills will require same amount of PCU as Vanilla tier

They are performance destroyers but during progress players will need access to better tools and tiered ones were taking way too much PCU (there was no sense to build tiered versions because of their PCU).


  • New blocks:

Large gyroscope on small and large grid (no more wasting PCU on many gyroscopes, now you can put 1 large instead of 8 small).


  • Medium and Slim batteries.

There was huge gap between small (vanilla) and large batteries so we added Medium batteries that are 6 (small grid) and 8 (large grid) times stronger than small ones(vanilla). We also added Slim batteries which are 3 times smaller and weaker then small ones so players can fit them in small gaps on their ships


  • Large Ore Detector on small grid (same range as ore detector on large grid).

Many ores are hidden deep in soil, so deep that they are not possible to detect from vanilla detectors on small grid, now player instead of building large ship only to detect such ores can build Large Ore Detector on small grid miner.


  • Small Coal Reactor

We added it because of ,,energy balance”, they are much cheaper then large version but also much weaker (all coal reactors on large grid have same price as uranium reactors, but they are weaker).


  • New mods:

– Easy Inventory

– Automatic Ore Pickup


During work on this content we will also make frequently smaller patches with new blocks and maybe some more rebalancing different aspects of gameplay on our server.

  •  New default suite: Added new default Rebels-Games suit.
    Project – SixDice

  • soon we will add:

– Expansion of Conveyor system (both visual and PCU saving)

– Bigger solar panels (PCU saving).

– Bigger hangar doors (finally you will be able to fit your ship in your base).

– Updated MOTD in game and detailed description how our server works on website.


And also special designed Rebel Calculator which will count all what player needs to build his ships (components / ingots / ore / total building time and so on) on our server taking in to account all blocks existing on our server, basically this tool will help players a lot with planning their constructions (will give all important information what player may need).


If you have any ideas what we should add or change or you found any bugs / imbalance in gameplay please let us know, we are doing our best to make our server well balanced but we cant predict everything so we need your help.

We hope you enjoy playing on our server and we wish You good game.

Rebels-Games Team