Commands on Rebels Games servers

Server chat commands
You do not need to use “/” by entering server commands.

motd                              – More info about REBEL-GAMES universe
help                                – Help panel
tips                                 – Rebels Tips – YouTube link
map                                – Galaxy map
news                              – Information about updates
rebels                           – Website
forum                            –
commands                 – All commands
oreinfo                         – Show which ores are on planets and in space
discord                        – Discord server link
donate                         – Information about credits
trade                          – Simple instruction on how to trade
vote                               – Moves to a website where you can vote

Plugin chat commands
Plugin commands require “!”

!vote restart                  – Voting for server restart “!yes” – “!no”
!reward                           – Get a reward for voting
!convert                          – Convert to/from station if player or faction owns the grid
!grids list                       – Find your objects
!fix gps                           – It will fix the problem of invisible GPS
!fix player                      – It will fix the problem of the blocked character
!fixship “GridName”  – Stops the grid, cuts and pastes is back
!hangar save                 – Attempts to save grid you are looking at.
!hangar load (“Name” or ID number) – Attempts to load specified grid.
!hangar list                   – Lists all active ships and their PCU values that are in your hangar.

  • Stops the grid, cuts and pastes is back. Every player can use this command. But only on grids he has the majority of ownership on.
  • The command wont work of there are active connections to connectors or landing gears, or if there are Players in a cockpit, cryopod or any other block players can sit on. Like for example the toilet.