What is the Sun on Omega server?
  • Briefings about – Omega:

  • Name identifier – OGLE TR 122B

  • Oxygen atmosphere – NONE

  • Gravity value – 3.0 ( Be careful, gravity border at about 100 km from around border, Atmosphere start at 10 km).

  • Deals damage to blocks.
  •  Advanced-Precious and Unique Minerals can be be found.
What raw materials on the Sun?
  • “Unknow ore” minerals, there are 4 types which will be know when you smelt them in refineries.

  • Flerow, Lorens, Nihonium, Tau ->  Cez, Diamond, Kaliforn, Rad
Numbered cargo at trading station
  • This is a safe box
    You can keep your credits and materials in it.
    You ure that no one will steal it.
    The box is indestructible.

  • Safe Locker receives people who send donations to server.

  • Donate link
I can not put a block (Blocks Group)

Use roll up or down to switch to active blocks.

How to prevent disappearing the "Respawn Ship"?


  1. Place any Block on Asteroid/Planet

  2. Build “Merging Block” on the previously placed block.

  3. Build second “Merging Block” on the ship.

  4. Fly with a ship towards the Merging Blocks so both Ship and Grid will merge.

  5. After Merging is complete (signalized with green light), you can grind down
    placed blocks and change name of Ship in the “Info” tab.

  6. You should convert your grid into ship if you want to fly away. (It’s static grid after merge to Asteroid/Planet)
  7. Done.

    Link YouTube

  • Enter this lines in TIM INVENTORY script:

    under Component

    under Ingot

    under Ore

I lost ship. How to find it?

Use chat command:

  • !grids list

Can not download mods when attaching to server?


USERNAME = your computer user name

Delete folder:

  • ShaderCache

  • ShaderCache2

    and restart the game.

Where is SpaceEngineers log file?

Log file is in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\SpaceEngineers.log

How fix pink texture or bad color texture ingame?
  • Close save or disconnect from server.

  • Delete folder in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\ShaderCache2

  • Load save again or connect with server again.

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