How it works?
It is very easy!

Being on the server, enter “vote” in chat window
cast your vote and write “!reward”

You can get even: 50.000 Credits per day!

Cleaning on server 🗑

Deleting objects that do not have an owner and not having a Beacon block

Cleaning on server takes place 5 minutes before restart

  • Deleting objects without an owner
    Grid must have at least one block in which Computer Component
  • Does Beacon block have to be turned on?
    – no.
  • Should Beacon block be 100% built?
    – does not have to, only need to in 1% of construction.
  • Pistons and rotors, need separate beacons?
    – you only need one beacon on main grid, same applies to the wheels.
I lost ship. How to find it?

Use chat command:

  • !grids list

I do not see any respawn point
  • 1.

     – Disconnect from server.
     – Delete folder in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\ShaderCache2
     – Wait for 10 minutes
     – Connect with server again.

  • 2. 
     – Log out of the server.
     – Ask the administrator to remove your character.
     – Log in again.

What is the Sun on Omega server?
  • Briefings about – Omega:

  • Name identifier – OGLE TR 122B

  • Oxygen atmosphere – NONE

  • Gravity value – 3.0 ( Be careful, gravity border at about 100 km from around border, Atmosphere start at 10 km).

  • Deals damage to blocks.
  •  Advanced-Precious and Unique Minerals can be be found.
What raw materials on the Sun?
  • “Unknow ore” minerals, there are 4 types which will be know when you smelt them in refineries.

  • Flerow, Lorens, Nihonium, Tau ->  Cez, Diamond, Kaliforn, Rad
Numbered loads at trading station
  • This is a safe box
    You can keep your credits and materials in it.
    Don’t worry, no one can steal it from you.
    The box is indestructible.

  • Safe Locker receives people who send donations to server.

  • Donate link
I can not place a block (block group)

Use mouse scroll up or down to switch between multiple tiers of block.

Can not download mods when attaching to server?


USERNAME = your computer user name

Delete folder:

  • ShaderCache

  • ShaderCache2

    and restart the game.

Where is SpaceEngineers log file?

Log file is in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\SpaceEngineers.log

How fix pink texture or bad color texture ingame?
  • Close save or disconnect from server.

  • Delete folder in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\ShaderCache2

  • Load save again or connect with server again.

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