Frequently Asked Questions

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Cleaning on server "Grid Core"

Deleting objects that do not have an owner or don’t have a Grid Core block
(There is no other type of object removal)

Cleaning on server takes place 5 minutes before restart

▶️ Check video: Rebels Tips – Grid Core

GRID CORE (GC) contains:

  • 72 GC Compo T1 – require       1 Iron ingot
  • 96 GC Compo T2 – require   0,1 Aluminium and copper ingots
  • 168 GC Compo T3 – require 0,01 Palladium and platinum ingots


Server will delete 1 component every 1 hour (24 per day), it means that fully builded Grid Core will protect your grid from deleting for 14 days (contain 336 components which is equal to 336 hours which is equal to 14 days)

T2 and T3 components require rarer ingots so beginners have to refill Grid Cores at least every 72 hours (72 T1 components), but they can easily extend this time to 7 days by obtaining aluminium and copper to build T2 GC Components.

Component consumption starts with highest tier inside Grid Core, which means Grid Core filled up to 14 days will start to consume T3 components first.


  • Grid Core – it is also the block responsible for blocks limits
    – Tool Points: 24
    – Weapon Points: 125
    – Programmable Points: 1
    – Projector Points: 1
  • How to make them?
    Survival kit – Assembler
  • Deleting objects without an owner
     Grid must have at least one block with a Computer Component
  • Does the Grid Core block have to be turned on?
    – No.
  • Should the Grid Core block be 100% built?
    – No, it needs to be welded up to at least 1%.
  • Pistons and rotors, do they need a separate Grid Core?
    – No, you only need one Grid Core on main grid, same applies to the wheels.
  • Does the Grid Core need power?
    – No.
  • Does the grid need to be powered?
    – No.
  • Does the grid core provide offline protection?
    – No.


To keep your grid, you must have a Grid Core block on it!
(object must have +10 blocks)


Grid Core does not prevent rule:
Objects and player information inactive on server +21 days are deleted.

Voting = Reward!

How it works?
It is very easy!

Being on the server, enter “vote” in chat window
cast your vote and write “!reward”

You will get:
  • 120 Rebels Components!
  • Elite Welder, Grinder and Drill!

Rebel blocks are limited in time (Rebel Components)

All rebel blocks will loose RC per hour (same as Grid Core) it means that they won’t be permanent.

Refinery, Assembler – has 840 RC and they will lose 5 RC per hour so fully filled can stay for 7 days

Drills, Welder, Grinder – has 72 RC under level of functionality and 96 RC above

– small tools blocks looses 1 RC per hour
– large tools blocks looses 2 RC per hour
– Giant Drill block looses 5 RC per hour
– assemblers/refineries looses 5 RC per hour


Fully builded blocks provides 7 days of work for assemblers and refineries, without a need of adding more rebel components. 
All Rebel tools provide 4 days worktime in functional state, 3 days under functional.

– If block is not repaired – server will cause the block to disappear.

IMPORTANT – Grinding all rebel components UNDER functional line will turn them to scrap (same way as power cells in batteries).

    Grid Core Limiter / Point Limits

    Grid Core Limiter / Point Limits:

    Every grid with a Grid Core has the ability to use Tool and Weapon blocks. To keep the amount of these blocks reasonable they are limited. 

    The reason for these limits is because certain blocks have a negative impact to SimSpeed.

    Tool Points – 24 (Drills/Welders/Grinders) – After exceeding the limit, they are damaged.

    • Large/Small Vanilla          – 2 Point
    • Large/Small MK                – 2 Points
    • Large/Small ADV/Rebel  – 2 Points
    • Large Giant Drill                – 24 Points

    Weapon Points – 125 (All weapons) – After exceeding the limit, they turn off.

    • Defensive/Interior Turret – 1 Point
    • Large/Small Deacoy          – 1 Point
    • Small Weapons                  – 3 Points
    • Large Weapons                  – 5 Points

    Programmable Points – 1 (Programmable block) – After exceeding the limit, they turn off.

    • Programmable block        – 1 Point

    Projector Points – 1
    (Projector block) – After exceeding the limit, they turn off.

    • Projector                               – 1 Point

    Adding more Grid Cores or connecting grids together will NOT increase your point limits!

    It is not allowed to have more limited blocks than what the point limits allow on a single grid. 
    Allowed: 25x large weapon turrets makes 125 weapon points. (within the limit)
    Not allowed: 26x large weapon turrets make 130 weapon points. (over the limit)

    When you have a grid that is breaking the rules, expect unwanted attention from an admin!

    About exchange in Trader

    1 Rebelium = 720 Rebel Components

    1 Rebelium = 30.000 Irium

    1 Diamond = 100 Irium

    1 Irium = 1000 Space Credit

    1 Irium = 100 Credit


    Purchase price:

    1 Gravel = 0.046 Credit

    1 Iron Ingot = 0.030 Credit

    1 Silicon Wafel = 0.357 Credit

    1 Nickel Ingot = 2.083 Credit

    1 Cobalt Ingot = 5.556 Credit

    1 Silver Ingot = 4.167 Credit

    1 Gold Ingot = 16.667 Credit

    1 Magnesium Powder = 29.762 Credit

    1 Uranium Ingot = 1667 Credit

    1 Palatinium Ingot = 333.3 Credit

    1 Coal Powder = 0.20 Credit


    1 Aluminium Ingot = 0.139 Irium

    1 Copper Ingot = 0.417 Irium

    1 Palladium Ingot = 5 Irium

    1 Cez Ingot = 0.556 Irium

    1 Rad Ingot = 1.667 Irium

    1 Kaliforn Ingot = 25 Irium

    1 Zone Chip = 43750 Credit or 438 Irium

     Where to buy Rebelium?
    1€ – 1 Rebelium

    Grid Hangar

    This plugin creates a server-side hangar for your grids. (Grid Hangar) 
    Players can save and load grids from their hangar.

    Hangar Commands:
    !hangar save – Attempts to save grid you are looking at. (Sit in cockpit/seat)
    :BulletPointOrange:!hangar load (Name or ID number) – Attempts to load specified grid.
    :BulletPointOrange:!hangar list – Lists all active ships and their PCU values that are in your hangar.

    Hangar limits:
    Hangar slots: 5
    :BulletPointOrange:Block Limit per grid: 8000
    :BulletPointOrange:PCU Limit per grid: 40000
    :BulletPointOrange:No enemy within 2km
    :BulletPointOrange:Cooldown: 30 minutes

    Auto Hangar:
    :BulletPointOrange:Objects of inactive players for 14 days will be moved to the hangar.
          • If a player has blocks on another object, they will be removed after 21 days.
            • The player must using the command “!hangar load” if back on server.

    After 14 days of offline, the server will automatically move your grid to the hangar.
    After 21 days the server will delete your ID, but you will be able to restore your grid when you come back to the server.

    Restoring grids

    Rules for restoring grids:

    • Grids are restored if they were destroyed by game / multiplayer bugs or when you are a victim of Clang!
    • Information we need: Grid name and timeframe it was still in one piece on the server.
    • Grids that crashed / vanished should be reported as soon as possible. Grids will be restored when one of the admins is available. Time limit is 48 hours.
    • An admin can refuse to restore your grid if the object has no individual name or the specified timeframe is not precise.
    • Grids will be restored without subgrids.
    • Grids stolen / destroyed by other players will not be restored.
    • Grids deleted by lack of grid core will not be restored.
    • Grids that are often crashing will be considered as bugged and will be not restored.
    • Objects with more than one subgrids are considered as clang altairs; will not be restored.
      Sub grids are grids connected to the main grid through rotor, piston, hinge or connector. Use them at your own risk.

    * These rules can be bend by an admin if they have a good reason to do so. Keep in mind that this is a good will decision.

    Rebels Games Base Manager (Script)
    • Base Manager for Rebels Games Server


    • What does it do and what should i know?

      – It collect all items from containers on the same grid like the programable block
      – It moves items to containers based on a container [TAG]
      – Show on LCD overview of all your stuff (not released yet)
      – Cleanup will be done every 3 minutes
      – You can follow the current status on the programable block lcd screen

    • How to use?
      – Add one or more TAGs to the container name where u want to get your stuff in
      – You can add the same TAG to as many containers you want, if one is full, the next will get filled

      Link: Steam Work Shop

      Created by: g.

      Remember: still in development!

    Objects without a <builtby>?
    • BuiltBy
      • Each object has information about who built it.
      • Builtby defines PCU.
    • Server clears the player’s ID information (inactive 21 days)
      • ID is the same number used to define the builby.

    Blocks without a builtby will be deleted!

    ● If two players build one grid and one is inactive, only the inactive player’s blocks will disappear.

    Voxels reset on Sunday!

    Full voxel reset once a week
    On every Sunday at 23:59 (just before server restart).

    What will happen to objects in planets when cleaning the voxels?
    ● If grid is a station inside voxels:
    – Object will be flooded with voxel (You can dig it out)
    ● If grid is a ship inside voxels:
    – Object will be impossible to unearth

    Grids covered by voxel or those in / under voxel will not be restored.

    Drill Limits
    • Grid Core – 24 Points
      • You need a Grid Core to use the Drill.
      • Grid Core gives you 24 points per grid (more Grid Cores on one grid does not add points).
      • Blocks above the limit will be damaged/turned off.


    • Points per block:
      • Vanilla Drill           – 1 Point
      • MK Drill                 – 1 Points
      • ADV/Rebel Drill   – 1 Points
      • Giant Drill             – 24 Points

      When the problems with this block are resolved, the limit will change.

    Scavenger Planet
    • A planet where you can mine the most important resource needed for Pirate Components!
    • The planet is protected by a safe zone that turns off every at 4 hours (random).
    • The planets voxels will be reset every Sunday, see Voxel reset for more info. 
    Blocked grid deleting
    • “You were unable to delete grid, because enemy is within 3km”
      • The server blocks deleting objects if an enemy is nearby


    • Questions from players:
      • So, that means if i go wreck someone, he cannot delete his ship as long i am in range, correct? 
      – Yes.

    Turrets keep turning off

    To reduce the strain of turrets on the server, they automatically turn off.

    • They turn off when there is no other player nearby.
    • They will turn on automatically if a player comes within 3km.

    Strange "lag"

    There are several types of lags

    • Lag caused by rendering
      If it loads a new sector for you, you will feel “lag” rendering on your computer.
      The screen freezes in place and this may take a while.
      – High graphics settings often cause this problem.

    • Lag caused by packet loss
      Your character has been stopped and pulled back (rubber banding).
      Very often occurs to players who at the same time download something from the web, or use the Internet on several levels (high use).
      This can also be caused by the server (ddos).
      The server is still vulnerable to attacks despite implemented firewall and network control.
      Keep in mind that the server has a symmetrical network 1Gb/s.

    Production of tools
    • To make tools, use the Survival Kit.

    Safe Zone Block

    Safe Zone:

    Because of problems with Zone Chip wear and massive energy consumption which interfere with the boost system, we rebuilt the safe zone system:

    • We’ve added 7 tiers of Safe Zone blocks.
    • We’ve added Safe Zone Block for new players.
    • Safe Zone Block Inventory disabled.
    • Safe Zone Block only consumes energy while starting up.
    • Safe Zone Block consumes Zone Chips like a grid core.
    • Zone chip consumption is now block tier dependent .
    • Zone Chip consumes every hour.
    • You can top up your Safe Zone for a maximum of 7 days.
    • Zone activation time reduced to 10 minutes.
    • Safe Zone Block per player

    Safe Zone Details:

    • New Player:       25m  –   1 Zone Chip per hour
    •  MK1:                  50m  –   1 Zone Chip per hour
    •  MK2:                 80m  –   2 Zone Chip per hour
    •  MK3:               140m  –   4 Zone Chip per hour
    • ADV1:               200m –   6 Zone Chip per hour
    • ADV2:              260m –   8 Zone Chip per hour
    • ADV3:              320m – 10 Zone Chip per hour

    Safe Zone settings are turned off?

    We have a plugin that disables certain Safe Zone settings when the owner is away.


    • The following settings will be turned off:
      • Damage
      • Drilling
      • Welding
      • Grinding
      • Building
      • Voxel Hands
      • Landing Gear Lock
      • Conversion to station
    • When do these settings turn off:
      • When the owner is offline.
      • When the owner is more than 1km away from the Safe Zone.

    When you come back to your Safe Zone, the settings will be reverted to where you left them.

    Safe Zone does not protect if you do not set it correctly

    The Safe Zone has a lot of settings. But if you are not careful, the enemy can breach it.

    • If you allow building, enemy players will be able to grind your blocks down. 

    To be perfectly safe, turn off all settings except shooting and have no blocks sticking out for optimal safety.

    Remember to correctly configure the safe zone

    When was the last Wipe?

    Server has never been wiped!
    We do not plan to wipe – Never!

    How long has the Omega world been around?


    Registered since: December 8th, 2018 03:51 PM EST


    Programmable blocks slowed down

    To decrease the strain on the server from Programmable Blocks, we have implemented a plugin that slows down the running script.

    • The heavier the running script, the more it slows down.
    • This will have a direct impact on the usability of certain scripts.

    Where are MK / ADV blocks?

    While holding the block, use mouse scroll up or down to switch between multiple tiers of that block.

    I don't see (Edit) button on Programmable Block
    • Easiest way to eliminate problem (most problems).
      • Disconnect from server.
      • Turn off the game.
      • Delete contents of folder in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\ShaderCache2
      • Reset Steam.
      • Connect with server again.
    • If it does not help
      • Delete contents of folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244850
      • Check the consistency of files in steam

    I can not join the server

    Easiest way to eliminate problem (most problems).

    • Disconnect from server.
    • Turn off the game.
    • Delete contents of folder in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\ShaderCache2
    • Reset Steam.
    • Connect with server again.

    If it does not help

    • Delete contents of folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244850
    • Check the consistency of files in steam.
    I lost my ship. How to find it?

    Use chat command:

    • !grids list

    I do not see any respawn point
      • Easiest way to eliminate problem (most problems).
        • Disconnect from server.
        • Turn off the game.
        • Delete contents of folder in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\ShaderCache2
        • Reset Steam.
        • Connect with server again.
      • If it does not help
        • Delete contents of folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244850
        • Check the consistency of files in steam.
    Annoying video during the game start?

    In the folder shown below you will find Space Engineers video’s, remove the ones (or all) you don’t want to see and make SE start up faster!

    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Videos

    What is the Sun on Omega server?
    • Briefings about – Omega: Dead Sun

    • Name identifier – OGLE TR 122B

    • Oxygen atmosphere – NONE

    • Gravity value – 3.0 ( Be careful, gravity border at about 100 km from surface, Atmosphere start at 10 km).

    • The Atmosphere deals damage to blocks.
    • Advanced, Precious and Unique Minerals can be be found.
    What can be found on the Sun?
    • “Unknow ore” minerals, there are 4 types which will be known when you refine them in refineries.


    The Unknown ores can be refined to:

    • Cez
    • Diamond
    • Kaliforn
    • Rad
    Information about the planets

    The universe has a 2000 km radius with the Trade station in the middle.


    • Distance from center: 400 km
    • Oxygen: High
    • Atmosphere: High
    • Gravity 1.0g
    • Diameter: 70 km


    • Distance from Earth: 150 km
    • Oxygen: None
    • Atmosphere: None
    • Gravity 0.25g
    • Diameter: 20 km



    • Distance from center: 800
    • Oxygen: None
    • Atmosphere: High
    • Gravity 1.5g
    • Diameter: 90 km


    • Distance from Mars: 200 km
    • Oxygen: None
    • Atmosphere: Low
    • Gravity 0.5g
    • Diameter: 25 km



    • Distance from center: 1200 km
    • Oxygen: Low
    • Atmosphere: High
    • Gravity 2.0g
    • Diameter: 110 km


    • Distance from Alien: 250 km
    • Oxygen: None
    • Atmosphere: Low
    • Gravity 0.75g
    • Diameter: 30 km


    Dead Sun:

    • Distance from center: 1600 km
    • Oxygen: None
    • Atmosphere: None
    • Gravity 3.0g
    • Diameter: 50 km
    Numbered safes at trading station
    • This is a safe box
      You can keep your credits and materials in it.
      Don’t worry, no one can steal it from you.
      The box is indestructible.

    • Players who make a donation get access to a personal safe box.

    • Donate link
    Can't download mods when joining server?

    Easiest way to eliminate problem (most problems).

    • Disconnect from server.
    • Turn off the game.
    • Delete contents of folder in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\ShaderCache2
    • Reset Steam.
    • Connect with server again.

    If it does not help

    • Delete contents of folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244850
    • Check the consistency of files in steam.
    Where is SpaceEngineers log file?

    Log file is in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\SpaceEngineers.log

    How fix pink texture or bad color texture ingame?
    • Close save or disconnect from server.

    • Delete folder in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\ShaderCache2

    • Load save again or connect with server again.

    Detected significant drop Simulation Speed?

    Dynamic server optimization

    Automatic disables all blocks that negatively affect server performance.

    Blocks that can be turned off:

    • Timer Block
    • Programmable Block
    • Projector
    • Welder
    • Grinder
    • Drill
    • Piston
    • Rotor
    • Build and Repair System (Nanobots)
    NANO (Build and Repair) Priority System.

    On the server we have the NANO (Build and Repair System) for easy welding of blocks.

    You might have noticed the priority system for welding blocks is not working. The reason for this, is because it was used to easily grind enemy blocks, so we deactivated this function.



    • Block priority System deactivated


    • Block priority System deactivated.
    • 1 fixed color for grinding blocks:
      360° – 100% – 100% (full red)

    Do you have more questions?
    Write to us.