Rules on Rebels Games servers

Rules on rebels-games server.

  • Name of grid should start with your nickname.
    ( example: “Player Ship” )
    Press (K) Terminal > Info > Grid Name:
  • Behave decently and culturally in the game.
  • Grids located more than 2000 km from the center (Rebel’s Galactic Space Trades station)
    will be removed.
  • Blocks without a <builtby> will be removed.
  • Object must have a minimum +10 blocks.
  • Objects and player information inactive on server +21 days are deleted.
    ▹Grid Core does not prevent removal.
  • Every object you want to keep must have an owner and maintained “Grid Core” block.
    ▹Otherwise it will be deleted.
    ▹It does not have to be turned on or completed.
    ▹Server eats 1 Grid Core Component each hour, your grid is no longer save when Grid Core is empty!
    ▹More information: FAQ
  • Faction must have a minimum of 2 players, otherwise it will be removed.

Prohibitions on rebels-games server.

  • Abusers of nanobots will get sanctioned
  • Raycasting is officially forbidden – Using it will cause a permanent ban.
  • Using radar scripts – Forbidden.
  • Using exploits – Forbidden.
  • Building stations within 50 km of the Sun and Scavenger Planet – Forbidden.
  • Use of a Safe Zone within 50 km of Sun and Scavenger Planet – Forbidden.
  • Using Image Converter (LCD Images) – Forbidden.
  • Using family sharing accounts – Forbidden.
    ▹Using it will cause a permanent ban.
    ▹Does not apply to bought versions
  • PCU trading – Forbidden.
  • Using more points than the grid core limiter allows – Forbidden.
    ▹See Point Limits in FAQ for more info.
  • Grids within trader Safe Zones that are there for over 24 hours will be removed.
  • Ramming within Trader Safe Zone – Forbidden

limits per player
Limits on rebels-games server.

  • PCU per player: 30000
  • Blocks per player: 10000
  • Blocks per grid: 8000
  • Grid Core: 5
  • Safe Zone: 1
  • Refinery: 2
  • Basic Refinery: 2
  • Assembler: 2
  • Basic Assembler: 2
  • Survival Kit: 4
  • Nanobot: 1
  • Projector: 2
  • Piston: 2
  • Rotor: 2
  • Advanced Rotor: 1
  • Hinge: 4
  • PCU Upgrade: 1

How does Grid Core work?

Simple information
information on rebels-games server.

Server restart
Every 12 hours (00:00 – 12:00)

All voxels are reset once a week
Every Sunday at 23:59

Starter Ship Info:
First Spawn – You can choose it once every 21 days.
● Quick Spawn – You can choose it once every 15 min.
Drill ship – You can choose it once every 15 min. (it’s not a starting ship)

Remember: If you use “Quick spawn Moon/Earth” then the cooldown
“First spawn Moon/Earth” will be reset to 21 days.
Selecting a new spawn resets the timer.

The Starting Ship cargo has enough components to build:
Refinery, Assembler, Medical Room
● O2/H2 Generator, Small Battery, Small Container
● Small Reactor, Solar Panel x2

● Survival kit -> all tools up to elite
● Assembler vanilla -> vanilla blocks
● Assembler MK -> vanilla and MK blocks
● Assembler ADV -> vanilla, MK and ADV blocks
● REBEL Assembler -> like ADV but have more attachment points (12)

Rules for restoring grids
Request restore object: 

  • Grids are restored if they were destroyed by game / multiplayer bugs or when you are a victim of Clang!
  • Information we need: Grid name and timeframe it was still in one piece on the server.
  • Grids that crashed / vanished should be reported as soon as possible.
    Grids will be restored when one of the admins is available.
    Time limit is 48 hours.
  • An admin can refuse to restore your grid if the object has no individual name or the specified timeframe is not precise.
  • Grids will be restored without subgrids.
  • Grids stolen / destroyed by other players will not be restored.
  • Grids deleted by lack of grid core will not be restored.
  • Grids that are often crashing will be considered as bugged and will be not restored.
  • Objects with more than one subgrids are considered as clang altairs; will not be restored.
    Sub grids are grids connected to the main grid through rotor, piston, hinge or connector.
    Use them at your own risk.

These rules can be bend by an admin if they have a good reason to do so.
Keep in mind that this is a good will decision.