Rules on Rebels Games servers

      Hello Space Engineers

This is REBELS-GAMES universe with 3 planets and moon for each,
where the gravity and ore amounts depend on it size,
and 1 special planet called DEAD SUN with rarest ores for most
advanced blocks, high gravity and constant damage from heat!


 Name of grid should start with your nickname.

( example: “Player Ship” )
Press (K) Terminal > Info > Grid Name:
Behave decently and culturally in the game.
Grids located more than 2000 km from center will be removed.
Blocks without a <builtby> will be removed.
Object must have a minimum +10 blocks.
Objects and player information inactive on server +21 days are deleted.
  ▹Grid Core does not prevent removal.
Every object you want to keep must have a owner and “Grid Core” block.
  ▹Otherwise it will be deleted.
  ▹It does not have to be turned on or completed, it just has to be.
  ▹More information: FAQ
• Faction must have a minimum of +2 players, otherwise it will be removed.


• Abusers of nanobots will get sanctions
• Raycasting is officially forbidden – Using it will cause a permanent ban.
• Using radar scripts – Forbidden.
• Using exploits – Forbidden.

• Using Safe Zone in the sun – Forbidden.
• Using Image Converter (LCD Images) – Forbidden.
• Using family sharing accounts – Using it will cause a permanent ban.
  ▹Does not apply to buyed versions
• PCU trading – Forbidden.

All voxels are reset once a week
• Every Sunday at 00:00



Before start U need to know the limits per Player:

  • PCU per player: 30000
  • Blocks per player: 10000
  • Blocks per grid: 8000
  • Grid Core: 5
  • Safe Zone: 1
  • Refinery: 2
  • Basic Refinery: 2
  • Assembler: 2
  • Basic Assembler: 2
  • Survival Kit: 4
  • Nanobot: 1
  • Projector: 2
  • Piston: 2
  • Rotor: 2
  • Advanced Rotor: 1
  • Hinge: 4

How does Grid Core work?

Policy violation (PCU trading)

A player who violates the rules and obtains additional pcu by trading with others – Excess pcu will be converted from positive to negative.



  • Exceeded the limit +5000 (PCU 35000)
  • Punished player -5000 (PCU 25000)


Rules for restoring objects-grids:

Request restore object:

  • Objects are restored if they were destroyed by game/ multiplayer bug
  • Victim of Clang must know timeframe when object was last time present on server, and MUST know individual name of grid
  • Objects that crashed/vanished should be reported as soon as possible. Grid will be restored when one of Admins is available. Time limit is 48 hours.
  • Admin can refuse restoring grid if object got no individual name or timeframe of last seeing is not precise.
  • Object will be restored without subgrids
  • Objects stolen/destroyed by other players wil be not restored
  • Objects deleted by lack of grid core will be not restored
  • Objects that are often crashing will be considered as bugged and will be not restored
  • Objects with more than one subgrids are considered as clang altairs: will be not restored
    sub grids are grids connected to main grid through rotor, connector or piston. Use them on own risk.

* those rules can be bend by admin. If there will be REALLY good reason, and/or player is real active in community, Grid CAN be restored, all will only depends from good will of admins

Starter Ship Info:

  • First Spawn – You can choose it once every 21 days.
  • Quick Spawn – You can choose it once every 15 min.

Remember: If you use “Quick spawn Moon/Earth” then the cooldown
“First spawn Moon/Earth” will be reset to 21 days.
Selecting a new spawn resets the timer.

The Starting Ship cargo have enough components to build:

Refinery 1
Assembler 1
Medical Room 1
O2/H2 Generator 1
Small Battery 1
Small Container 1
Small Reactor 1
Solar Panel 2

The universe have 2000 km radius with Trade station in the middle.

Earth (with Moon) – 400 km from center
Oxygen: High
Atmosphere: High
Gravity: 1,0 G (Moon: 0,25 G)
Diameter: 70 km (Moon: 20 km)

(with Moon) – 800 km from center
Oxygen: None
Atmosphere: High
Gravity: 1,5 G (Moon: 0,5 G)
Diameter: 90 km (Moon: 25 km)


Alien (with Moon) – 1200 km from center
Oxygen: Low
Atmosphere: High
Gravity: 2,0 G (Moon: 0,75 G)
Diameter: 110 km (Moon: 30 km)


Dead Sun – 1600 km from center
Oxygen: None
Atmosphere: None
Gravity: 3 G
Diameter: 50 km