Trade on Rebels Games servers


How to make exchange?
The best way is to have small ship like for example digger that you have on screens (space to connect ship to the connector of trade station is limited).


 • Accept the alliance of the RG faction.
 • Trader works like an assembler.

If you don’t have credits, you are not able to trade with station.

Connector on station.

Then you should connect to the connector of trade station which is marked with LCD displays with inscription “TRADE”.

To be able to connect to the connector of trade station u need to make sure that connector of yours ship has changed ownership to “ALL”.
When connectors will light up with yellow color, just press “P” to lock them. hen connectors color changes to green, you are ready to trade..


Trading on station.

 Move your Ingots to “Trader” and buy Credits.

Then move Credits that you already bought to the same place where you put Ingots.

 Go to the “Production”.
Now you can buy Ingots with your Credits.
There is also an option to buy Ingots of every resources with Rebelium.
If you make mistake, there is an option to refund it back to “Trader”.
But sales are cheaper than buying. So keep it in mind, and think twice what you are buying.
After exchange don’t forget to move ingots to you cargo containers.


Prices on station

About exchange in Trader
1 Rebelium = 720 Rebel Components
1 Rebelium = 30.000 Irium
1 Diamond = 100 Irium
1 Irium = 1000 Space Credit
1 Irium = 100 Credit

Purchase price:
1 Gravel = 0.046 Credit

1 Iron Ingot = 0.030 Credit
1 Silicon Wafel = 0.357 Credit
1 Nickel Ingot = 2.083 Credit
1 Cobalt Ingot = 5.556 Credit
1 Silver Ingot = 4.167 Credit
1 Gold Ingot = 16.667 Credit
1 Magnesium Powder = 29.762 Credit
1 Uranium Ingot = 1667 Credit
1 Palatinium Ingot = 333.3 Credit
1 Coal Powder = 0.20 Credit
1 Aluminium Ingot = 0.139 Irium
1 Copper Ingot = 0.417 Irium
1 Palladium Ingot = 5 Irium
1 Cez Ingot = 0.556 Irium
1 Rad Ingot = 1.667 Irium
1 Kaliforn Ingot = 25 Irium

You can also get credits by supporting server with a donate
(Where to buy Rebelium?)

1€ – 1 Rebelium