Update - 1.1.0 Green Energy


1. New machine & new ip!

(i9-9900 – 64 GB DDR4 RAM – 2x 1 TB NVMe SSD)

  • IP:  s1.rebels-games.com:27016
  •     :

2. New block: Grid Core

We will change the way how grids are removed. Since now beacons won’t be possible to build, instead of them you have to use Grid Core. Don’t worry, your grids without Grid Core won’t be deleted right after update. Until next weekend (13-14.04.2019) grids will require Beacon or Grid Core (at least 1 of them)


Next weekend (13-14.04.2019) we will delete all existing beacons, so until friday you have to place Grid Cores on all grids you want to keep or they will be removed.


GRID CORE (GC) contains:
  72 GC Compo T1 – require        1 Iron ingot
  96 GC Compo T2 – require    0,1 aluminium and copper ingots
168 GC Compo T3 – require 0,01 palladium and platinum ingots


Server will delete 1 component every 1 hour (24 per day), it means that fully builded Grid Core will protect your grid from deleting for 14 days (contain 336 components which is equal to 336 hours which is equal to 14 days)


T2 and T3 components require rarer ingots so beginners have to refill Grid Cores at least every 72 hours (72 T1 components), but they can easy extend this time to 7 days by obtaining little aluminium and copper and build T2 GC Components.


Component consumption starts with highest tier inside Grid Core, which means Grid Core filled up to 14 days will start to consume T3 components first.


Maximum amount of Grid Cores allowed per player is: 5


– deleting grids of inactive players (right now it’s very time consuming)
– delete grids of players who just logged, builded few grids and them stopped playing

  (their grids will be removed after up to 3 days instead of 14 as it is now)
– limit number of grids on server

3. Rebel blocks limited in time

RC – Rebel component
All rebel blocks will loose RC per hour (same as Grid Core) it means that they won’t be permanent anymore


Refinery, Assembler – has 840 RC and they will lose 5 RC per hour so fully filled can stay for 7 days


Drills, Welder, Grinder – has 72 RC under level of functionality and 96 RC above and will lose 1 RC per hour


(it’s made like this to avoid situation when player put just 1 RC right after removing time and then build many drills with just 1 RC, use them for 1 hour, mine huge amount of ore and then stop spending RC on them)

We will also nerf Rebel drills drilling area and change their price, exactly info about that on next weekend (13-14.04)

4. Rebel blocks for everyone

Since now each vote will give you 120 ,,temporary reward”


Since next weekend (13-14.04) we will start giving directly RC and also possibility to convert all ,,temporary rewards” to RC with 1:1 ratio, it means that everyone can have 1 Rebel production block or 5 Rebel ship tools all the time just for voting


Since next weekend (13-14.04) Rebelium will exchange to 720 RC instead of 1 as it is now, it means that you must exchange all your RC back to Rebelium not to loose on exchange ratio changes.


Next week (13-14.04), we also need to remove all existing rebel blocks so please make sure your grid won’t split without Rebel blocks and that you’ve exchanged back all RC to Rebelium

5. Changing power consumption

Welders, Grinders, Drills, Projectors, Connectors, Timer Blocks and Programmable Block

When they are turn on they have significant impact on server performance.

We want players to make a habit of switching them off when they do not use them.  


Small Grid

  1.  Welders  –   0.5 MW
  2.  Grinders  –  0.5 MW
  3.  Drills  –  0.5 MW
  4.  Projectors  –  0.5 MW
  5.  Connectors  –  0.5 MW
  6.  Timer Block  –  0.5 MW
  7.  Programmable Block –  0.5 MW


    Large Grid

    1.  Welders  –   2.5 MW
    2.  Grinders  –  2.5 MW
    3.  Drills  –   2.5 MW
    4.  Projectors  –   2.5 MW
    5.  Connectors  –   2.5 MW
    6.  Timer Block  –   2.5 MW
    7. Programmable Block  –   2.5 MW

To avoid situation where batteries don’t have enough output to power those blocks and also to speed up charging speed we will triple all batteries INPUT and OUTPUT.

6.  Production optimalization

Production blocks works smoothly by making many calculations per second, but its heavy for performance. We reduced ,,refreshing” to 5 seconds for refineries and assemblers and to 1 second for H2/O2 generators.
It has it’s side effects:

– assemblers will keep draining specific amount of ingots not to force players to put ingots manually

– won’t be possible to fly only with H2/O2 generators and hydro thrusters, at least 1 small hydro tank will be required.


Assembler capacity has been increased:
Vanilla – 20 000

Mk – 80 000

Above changes will help us save significant amount of server performance.

Stone refine has been changed. Basic refineries will refine Stone to Gravel only (like it was in Space Engineers versions older than 1.0). Regular refineries will refine Stone to Cobalt/Iron/Nickel/Silicon as before but you will get 10 times less ingots than by refining specific Ore. If you sum amount of all ores refined from stone per hour, you will get 40% of amount refined in case of refining regular ore. Stone base refining speed is 1 000 000 / h


* MK and ADV versions for wind turbines will be added next week (13-14.04) together with few more features included


  • Added new block Grid Core
  • Added new block Medium Solar Panel
  • Added new block Large Solar Panel
  • Added new block Medium Wind turbine
  • Added new block Large Wind turbine
  • Added new blocks Medium and Large pillars for Wind turbines
  • Added new decorative block Logo Rebels (Interior Light)
  • Added Survival kit into Starting Ship
  • Added Antenna (Starting Ship)
  • Added Parachutes (Starting Ship) 
  • Added ,,micro” Grid Core (Starting Ships)
  • Changed Placement of LCD panels in Cockpit (Starting Ship)
  • Change max broadcast radius block type: Beacon (500m)
  • Changed Jump Drive usage, does not require full power
  • Reduced amount of energy needed to recharge the Jump Drive (x3)
  • Reduced Jump Drive loading time
  • Increased uranium yield (0,035% –>  0,1%)
  • Increased coal refine speed (5000/h –> 7 500/h)
  • Increased reload speed of Defensive Turret
  • Increased bullets content in 2x35mm Dartclip (1000 —> 100.000)


  • Fixed errors related to starting ship models (Generation errors)

    Rebels-Games Team