Update - 1.1.1


Hello engineers! This patch we will introduce major changes to our world. As we’ve mentioned in previous patch notes, we are changing Rebels Components system and all blocks balance with “Rebel” in their name. You can also expect balance of other blocks and new items, all of those changes will be kind of buff to ease up your life.

Be careful out there in space, new NPC encounters are waiting for you. Pirates are eager for your belongings!

We are also fighting performance issues on our server and doing our best to improve your experience. So far you’ve seen temporary solutions (like drills/welders/connectors being turned off constantly) but we keep working on better ones, that will not make you space experience a nightmare anymore. One of our goals for next days is to have refineries/assemblers be back online 24/7, even when player is offline.
Hope you understand that all changes we do, is to keep Sim Speed as high as possible, so your game on our server will still be possible without a wipe. Please find below patchnotes and more details about incoming changes.

1. Rebel Components (RC)

– you can exchange temporary reward to RC at 1:1 ratio
– new exchange ratio for Rebelium -> Rebel Component is – 720:1
– all small grid blocks looses 1 RC per hour
– all large grid blocks looses 2 RC per hour
– assemblers/refineries looses 5 RC per hour


Fully builded blocks provides 7 days of work for assemblers and refineries, without a need of adding more rebel components.
All Rebel tools provide 4 days worktime in functional state, 3 days under functional.


IMPORTANT – Grinding all rebel components UNDER functional line will turn them to the scrap (same way as power cells in batteries).

2. Grid tools – welders/grinders/drills

– large-grid drills diameter – Vanilla/MK/ADV drills are buffed and have increased diameter
– small-grid drills diameter – Vanilla/MK/ADV drills are buffed and have increased diameter. In addition, Vanilla drills has their drilling offset moved to the front, drilling will be much easier (you can drill farther from ore/stone to gather it).
– large-grid Rebel drills – nerfed, has parameters like cost same as MK modules with drilling diameter of ADV modules
– small-grid Rebel drills – nerfed, has parameters like cost same as Vanilla modules with drilling diameter of ADV modules
– offset of Rebel drills is smaller (you have to come closer to the ore to drill it)

Drills models size are changed:

– large – 1x1x4
– small – 3x3x8

– tool component blueprint changed – it doesn’t need platinum and palladium anymore. You don’t have to leave moon/planet to build it
– small grid MK tools don’t need Palladium Components anymore but generally they are more expensive then before. Vanilla tools cost double as much as solar panels or wind turbines, MK’s x 27 , ADV x 729. Final cost is similiar to MK3/ADV3 solar/turbines blocks.
– MK/ADV/Rebel tools have their integrity increased (not to break so easily)
– welding speed is doubled

Welders range:

 Large grid:
                – Vanilla – 1 block (no changes)
– MK – 2 blocks (increased)
– Rebel/ADV – 4 blocks (increased)
 Small grid:
                – Vanilla – 1 block (no changes)
– MK – 2 blocks (but you have to touch edge of first block)
– ADV – 3 blocks (but you have to touch edge of first block)

3. Assemblers

Last week we’ve introduced system that puts more ingots in assembler automatically. But in some cases assemblers cargo got stuck. It is incresed now but to have this update live you have to grind assembler and place it from the scratch again.

4. Airlock doors/airtight gates

We have to remove both of those items as we’ve found them do some major impact on server improvement. We will add those blocks again as soon as we manage to “repair” their issue.

5.  Power related stuff

– MK/ADV tiers for small/medium/large wind turbines
– wind turbines power output reduced
   – small – 150kW
   – medium – 600kW
    – large – 3 MW
– uranium removed from Earth, Mars and all moons – it suppose to be exclusive fuel, not available for beginners
– already existing uranium deposits will stay in place but no new ones will spawn
– mine/ore ratio for uranium is quadrupled (you will get 4 times more ore then before)

6.  Rebel refineries till 1.1.3 update

We are sorry for delay on this update. We realize that you removed Rebel Refineries to prepare for incoming patch. That’s why we are increasing Rebel Refinery Yield from 160% to 240% till next update.

7. Next week update (1.1.3)

– coal reactors cost will be reduced significantly (at least few times).
– large grid ion thrusters will have their cost reduced 10 times, as it’s most expensive block in the game right now. You can save up components! Just grind Ion Thrusters before next update to weld it back at much lower cost.
– MK/ADV tiers for hydrogen engines
– hydrogen engines buff – power output increas


  • Activated function “Component Remover”  
  • Activated function “Random encounters”
  • Added tier for block Small Wind Turbine
  • Added tier for block Medium Wind Turbine 
  • Added tier for block Small Large Turbine  
  • Added temporary model for Large Rebel Drill
  • Added temporary model for Small Rebel Drill
  • Added automatic optimization for server 
  • Added new command (!vote restart)  
  • Added possibility exchanging in Trader  1/1 (Temporary Componet -> Rebel Component)
  • Increased standard value of welding speed (1 -> 2) 
  • Increased yield for Rebel Refinery (160% -> 240%)
  • Changed exchange price Rebelium on Rebel Component (1/1 -> 1/720)
  • Changing power consumption in Large Connector (2.5 -> 0.5)
  • Changed price “Tool Component” 
  • Changed drilling range for Drills  
  • Changed welding range for Welders
  • Changed PCU value for block Cryo Chamber (15 -> 115)
  • Changed PCU value for block Programmable Block (100 -> 300) 
  • Removed uranium from moons and planets (Earth, Mars, Moon, Titan, Europe)
  • Removed block “Large Hangar Door” 
  • Removed block “Airlock Door”


  • Fixed problem displaying non-standard images on LCD 
  • Fixed issue with displaying colors on Grid Core 
  • Fixed errors related to Assemblers models (Generation errors)

    Rebels-Games Team