Update 1.4.12


An update focusing on changes related to the Safe Zone

Warning! Old Safe Zone blocks should be grind down and new ones built.
– they consume a lot more energy than new ones and cost a lot PCU.

Safe Zone:

Because of problems with Zone Chip wear and massive energy consumption which interfere with the boost system
we rebuilt the safe zone activity:

  • We’ve added 7 tiers of Safe Zone blocks.
  • We’ve added Safe Zone Block for new players (Does not require Zone Chip).
  • Safe Zone Block Inventory disabled.
  • Safe Zone Block now consumes only 100kw of energy.
  • Safe Zone Block consumes Zone Chip like a grid core (This is only way to avoid Consealment bug).
  • The block only consumes Zone Chip, it does not take other components from block.
  • Zone chip consumption is now block tier dependent .
  • Zone Chip consumes every hour.
  • You can top up your Zone Chip for a maximum of 7 days.
  • Zone activation time reduced to 10 minutes.
  • 1 Safe Zone Block per player

Safe Zone Details:

  • New Player:   25m  –   0 Zone Chip per hour
  •  MK1:                50m  –   1 Zone Chip per hour
  •  MK2:                80m  –   2 Zone Chip per hour
  •  MK3:              140m  –   4 Zone Chip per hour
  • ADV1:              200m –   6 Zone Chip per hour
  • ADV2:              260m –   8 Zone Chip per hour
  • ADV3:              320m – 10 Zone Chip per hour

Rebel Trader:

  • Added Zone Chip for trading.

Rebel Blocks:

  • Now only removes rebel components.


  • Restored component production x1

Rules changes:

  • All voxels are reset twice a month
    ▹On the first (1) and fourteenth (14) day of the month.

Character weapon:

Rapid-Fire Automatic Rifle

  • Shoots with a series (90 -> 10) bullets
  • RateOfFire (800 -> 3700)
  • Deviate Shot Angle (3 -> 11)


  • Fixed problem of collecting components when cutting ADV blocks using Nanobots.


Spoiler (Work started!)

Rebels-Games Team