Update 1.4.14 - Christmas Update


You can endow someone or yourself a present!

We have added “Christmas Bauble” as a reward for voting on our server.
You can use them to build a Christmas Gift

Remember! the more you collect, the bigger the gift can be…

Time-limited event 05.01.2020

New Blocks:

  • Christmas Tree

  • Christmas Gift

How it’s working?

  1. Vote on our server and receive an additional component “Christmas Bauble”
  2. Use it to build a Christmas Gift block.

  • Each vote receives 100 “Christmas Baubles”.

  • Use them to build the block “Christmas Gift” then cut it down and receive a gift.
  • The higher the level of construction, better gift you will recive, be patient!
  • Prizes cumulate with each level so you don’t loose reward from previous tier, you just get more of them after exchange!
  • The last tier of construction provides an additional reward „Christmas present”.
  • You can trade „Christmas present” at Rebel’s Trader station and recive one of the five different prize sets.
  • We have prepared five sets of reward, check them out

 Have fun!

Merry Christmas!🎄

Rebels-Games Team