Update 1.4.15


An update that fixes and restores broken functionality

Change in rules: Objects and player information inactive on server +21 days are deleted.


  • Protection 30m/s
    If your ship was moving less than X m/s (30 m/s) , it wont be destroyed by fall damage. Very useful for drilling ships

  • Station antiramming
    Torpedo will be destroyed, station – no


  • Changes on Gyroscopes
    The gyro strength increases x2.1 instead of x2.0 with the higher tier
  • Changes on Hydrogen Tanks
    Change in the capacity of hydrogen tanks. restoration to vanilla value.
    Restoring component settings to vanilla settings. 
  • Changes on Sun – Damage reduced to small ships (1.45 -> 0.8)
  • Changed position under the G button – Crushers 
  • Construction time increase – Heavy Armor +30%
  • Fixed Assembler bug – Production of free steel plate
  • Fixed construction price – Medium Atmospheric Thruster MK2

Rebels-Games Team