Update 1.4.16


A small, but important update introducing minor, but significant changes

New rule for deleting blocks:
Blocks without a <builtby> will be removed

•  the first deletion of blocks will take place on 16.02 at 20:00

The update is scheduled for 20:00

New block Limits:

  • Added new block limit per player
    Survival Kit: 4

Starting Ship

  • Added new starter ship (First Spawn)
    You can choose it once every 21 days.
    It contains special Zone Chip components for a new player Safe Zone.
    Higher level of tools.

Safe Zone

  • Safe Zone for New Player
    You can activate it useing a special Zone Chip, that you get from a starting ship.
    Safe Zone consumes 1 special chip per hour (max 3 days)
    After building the block, your zone chip cannot be recovered

  • Zone Chip
    Reduced price.
    Occurrence increased (Trade)
  • Hotfix
    Fixed bug of incorrect use of components.


  • New reward token
    The player receives one every hour.
    It can be exchanged at a Rebel Trade Station.
    It is needed to build a Store Block.

Restored blocks

  • Store Block
  • Vending Machine
  • Logo Statue
  • Trade Hologram

Rebels-Games Team