Update - 1.4.2


Hello Space Engineers!

Today we are going to implement new path 1.4.2
Full description bellow, enjoy!


  • Added loot chests to NPC objects
  • Added new (NPC) mod „Rebels Discovery”
  • Added Glass catwalks
  • Added new icons for Connectors and Conveyors
  • Added ice in trade stations
  • Added new option of buying goods in trade stations by selecting amount: x1/ x1000/ x100,000
  • Changed functionality of trade stations
  • Increased capacity of Nanobots block
  • Decreased amount of materials for Conveyors block
  • Decreased amount of minerals recived from stone refining (Survival Kit)
  • Decreased minimum time for Timber block (from 30s to 20s)
  • Decreased wieght and volume of Credits and Rebelium
  • Decreased fire frequency of Large Rocket Launchers by 18%
  • Removed Ore Crusher from the game


  • Functionality of object grinding (grinding time for own/enemy blocks and nanobot block)
  • Functionality of npc drones
  • Model X-Large hydrogen thruster
  • Trade process which was causing lags on server

    Rebels-Games Team