Update 1.4.20



Offline Production:

Currently, we used a script that created a production boost after joining the server, but players have complained about many problems.
We found a solution to several problems, but also did not give up this solution.
If the grid does not exceed 4000 PCU, the production will not be hidden


Blocked grid deleting:

You were unable delete grid, because enemy is near 3000m
:BulletPointOrange: The server blocks deleting objects if an enemy is nearby



:BulletPointOrange: Added several NPC objects
:BulletPointOrange: Display time increased 900s – 1200s
:BulletPointOrange: Fixed problem of invisible “Captured Signal” NPC
:BulletPointOrange: Disabled component destruction “Zone Chip for New Player” during grinding



Rebels-Games Team