Update 1.4.21




Every StimPack give you powerful strength enhancement!
After using it, you’ll receive a health boost for 60 seconds.
:BulletPointOrange:Your character will use it automatically when the standard of living drops below 70%
      Just keep the stimpack in your backpack so that your character can use it.
:BulletPointOrange:Do not use when your health is fully charged (the effect will be very weakened)
Remember: It can provide a better chance of survival, but you don’t become immortal!



Rebels Armory Deco:

Mod created only for debuging models of new turrets and
also creating new blueprints that will contain New weapons in future.
None of this models have any functionality for now.
:BulletDiamondOrange:Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2141391333



:BulletPointOrange:Starter Pack: Quantity reduced – GravityGenerator (150 -> 15)
:BulletPointOrange:Sun Planet: The character takes more damage (2.4 -> 10)
:BulletPointOrange:Icon quality has been improved: Consumable Item


Rebels-Games Team