Update 1.4.23 - New Blocks



Grid Core Limiter:

We currently use an unusual way to limit drills per grid (Points)

So, we decided to extend this concept and correct some bugs.

The Grid Core is now responsible for several limits:

Tool Points – 24 (Drills/Welders/Grinders) – After exceeding the limit, they are damaged.

:BulletPointOrange:Large/Small Vanilla         – 1 Point

:BulletPointOrange:Large/Small MK                 – 2 Points
:BulletPointOrange:Large/Small ADV/Rebel  – 3 Points
:BulletPointOrange:Large Giant Drill                – 24 Points


Weapon Points – 125 (All weapons) – After exceeding the limit, they turn off.
:BulletPointOrange:Defensive/Interior Turret – 1 Point
:BulletPointOrange:Large/Small Deacoy          – 1 Point

:BulletPointOrange:Small Weapons                   – 3 Points
:BulletPointOrange:Large Weapons                   – 5 Points

Programmable Points – 1
(Programmable block) – After exceeding the limit, they turn off.

:BulletPointOrange:Large/Small Vanilla          – 1 Point

Projector Points – 1
(Projector block)

:BulletPointOrange:Large/Small Vanilla          – 1 Point


Adding more Grid Cores or connecting grids together will NOT increase your point limits!

New Blocks:

Giant drill 9×9:
:BulletPointOrange:Mining radius: 13m
:BulletPointOrange:Reaming: 39m
:BulletPointOrange:Placements for backwards thrusters with no thruster damage areas

PCU Upgrade:
:BulletPointOrange:Increases your maximum PCU limit by 10.000!
:BulletPointOrange:Requires the PCU Upgrade component which can be assembled in MK/ADV/Rebels assembler.
:BulletPointOrange:Block is limited to 1 per player.

New Armor:
:BulletPointOrange:New shapes
:BulletPointOrange:Larger armor blocks

Offline Boost is back!

When you are offline or more than 3km from your refineries/assemblers, they won’t be in an active state.

To compensate for this, all refineries and assemblers gain a boost period when you come back to catch up on lost production time!

For every 24 hours away from your production (3km+) or offline gives you a 1 hour boost.

Boost charging starts after 30 minutes of away time.


There are 4 different boost modes you can choose from.
The boost time won’t change whatever you choose.
:BulletPointOrange:Efficiency x5 | Speed x5
:BulletPointOrange:Efficiency x4 | Speed x6
:BulletPointOrange:Efficiency x3 | Speed x8
:BulletPointOrange:Efficiency x1 | Speed x24


Standard refinery: 100 ores a minute for 100MW
Boost Efficiency x1 | Speed x24: makes 2400 ores a minute but uses 2400MW
Boost Efficiency x5 | Speed x5: makes 500 ores a minute but uses 100MW


:BulletPointOrange:Light Armor block integrity has been reduced from 300% to 100%.
:BulletPointOrange:Heavy Armor block integrity has been reduced from 750% to 400%.
:BulletPointOrange:Weapons block/turret integrity has been increased by 300%.
:BulletPointOrange:Increased loot on NPC (Pirate component) by 45%.

Rebels-Games Team