Update 1.4.24 - NPC



New NPC:

We have added new higher tier ships for NPC, element of the scavenger faction, URM class.


 Captured signal (Rare Reward)

:BulletPointOrange:Emissary X3N – Corvette


Captured high risk signal (Epic Reward)

:BulletPointOrange:URM Agrippa – Corvette
:BulletPointOrange:URM Demeter – Corvette

:BulletPointOrange:URM Sulla – Corvette


Captured dangerous signal (Legendary Reward)
:BulletPointOrange:URM King – Destroyer


Fixes for npc:
:BulletPointOrange:Improved targeting of enemies


:BulletPointOrange:Voxel protection turned on again (this should improve performance)
     – When you hit a voxel it takes no damage (protection  30/ms active all the time)
:BulletPointOrange:Increased drilling range by 1 meter for Giant Drill

:BulletPointOrange:Fixed a problem with the right button on Vanilla/MK/ADV drill
:BulletPointOrange:Right button for the Giant Drill remains disabled till reaming size is fixed


After receiving multiple reports of grinding exploits, we found a solution.


Grinding color locked:




:BulletPointOrange:Limit cost reduced Reloadable Rocket Luncher – 5 to 3
:BulletPointOrange:Fixed block durability bug – Safe Zone Mk1 

:BulletPointOrange:Improved colors of bullets projectiles 

Rebels-Games Team