Update 1.4.25



Over the last week or so we’ve invested a lot of effort into balance and simspeed improvements.
This update brings improvement to various blocks and tries to cover a lot of scenarios of player actions that cause simspeed drops.

Biggest change in this patch is the complete NPC’s overhaul.
We’ve made a lot of new designs that new players as well as old ones will have fun with. We’ve also adjusted their strengths so that they can be more in line with tier progression of Omega.

We have also made changes to tool blocks to counter simspeed drops.
Welders and grinders now work faster depending on the tier.
Drills have reduced mining radius and the giant drill has been disabled.
We know all of you love the giant drill, but Keen doesn’t give us any other option here at the moment.

To battle collision problems we’ve edited all blocks to be more simspeed friendly when colliding with voxel or other grids.

In terms of PVP we’ve made some improvements that should remove unknown behavior of weapons and make battles more fluid with less desync.

Keep in mind we will continue to monitor how these changes impact balance and simspeed and will adjust them accordingly. If you encounter any new bugs or exploits from this patch, please post it on the forum https://forum.rebels-games.com

New NPC:

Captured signal (Rare Reward)

:BulletPointOrange:URM FL-11  – Corvette

:BulletPointOrange:URM GC-07 – Corvette

:BulletPointOrange:URM CR-08  – Carrier transport

:BulletPointOrange:URM RF-02  – Carrier transport

:BulletPointOrange:URM CF-04  – Corvette

:BulletPointOrange:URM CW-05 – Corvette

:BulletPointOrange:URM MA-19 – Drone


Captured high risk signal (Epic Reward)

:BulletPointOrange:URM Hermes – Big carrier transport


Captured dangerous signal (Legendary Reward)
:BulletPointOrange:URM Menrva – Aircraft carrier


Changes/Fixes for npc:
Added two new wapons for URM class NPC’s:
     • Turbo gatling (high rate of fire/high dispersion)
     • Sniper (low fire rate/high damage/1500m range)
:BulletPointOrange:Added random loot (5 variants + randomizer)
:BulletPointOrange:Added protection for contact with voxel (loot explodes)
:BulletPointOrange:Changes in Legendary missile turret (Smaller burst/biger spread/longer reload time)
:BulletPointOrange:Increased URM ships thrusters power.
:BulletPointOrange:Increased loot chests resistance.
:BulletPointOrange:Fixed empty loot chests.

Collision reduction:

:BulletPointOrange:Added block collision resistance (Grid-Grid, Grid-Voxel)
     • All blocks from Rebels Mods receive collision resistance – check block info!
     • Collision resistance for drill to 30m/s.

Ship Tools:

:BulletPointOrange:Drilling range changes:
      • Small/Large: 1,9m/2,5m      (Reaming enable)     – Vanilla (old values: 2,0m/3,0m)
      • Small/Large: 2,29m/3,07m (Reaming enable)     – MK (old values: 3,2m/4,8m)
      • Small/Large: 3,0m/4,0m      (Reaming disabled) – ADV (old values: 4,4m/6,6m)
      • Small/Large: 3,0m/4,0m      (Reaming enable)     – Rebel (old values: 4,4m/6,6m)
:BulletPointOrange:All drills now use 2 Tool Points.

:BulletPointOrange:Reduced active sensor offset on all tools (green bubble)

:BulletPointOrange:Giant Drill is deactivated (very negative impact on performance)
:BulletPointOrange:Added speed boost Welder/Grinder:
      • 200% – Vanilla
      • 300% – MK
      • 400% – ADV/Rebel
:BulletPointOrange:Reduced build cost Grinder ADV:
      Small/Large: 50/200 – Pirate components.

Ore material:

:BulletPointOrange:Increased mining of vanilla and MK (Lateryt, Malachit, Palladium) ore ratio by 50% and ice by 100%.


:BulletPointOrange:Changes rocket speed:
      • 280 m/s – Vanilla
      • 392 m/s – MK
      • 504 m/s – ADV

:BulletPointOrange:Reduced fire rate rocket launcher/turret (-30%)
:BulletPointOrange:Disabled knockback on all ammo types.
:BulletPointOrange:Disabled acceleration for all missiles.
:BulletPointOrange:Fixed bug in the previous update (rocket exploration range)


:BulletPointOrange:Increased cockpits resistance +100%.
:BulletPointOrange:Increase rate of O2/H2/CH4 generator x2. 
:BulletPointOrange:Increased max speed ​​for small ships 300m/s
:BulletPointOrange:Planet scavenger is back! (It will be activated at random times)


Rebels-Games Team