Update 1.4.26



In this update, we focused our attention to fixing the problem with drills causing stability and simspeed drops.
Voxel damage logic is now turned off which in turn disables hand drills, but luckily gives us more fluid playing experience when multiple people are mining.

We know missing hand drill will mostly impact new players and players with parts of their base under voxel so we introduced Voxel Shredder” and New drill spawn ship.

We have also edited all in game blocks to include them in the collision reduction mod. This means all blocks should now have collision reduction.

On top of that we’ve introduced a new experimental block to make your mining sessions a little bit more enjoyable.

New Experimental block:

:BulletPointOrange:Drill Upgrade Module:     

      Upgrade modules increase mining yield of drill when connected.
      • 1 per drill.
      • Connect to back of the block.
      • Works only on Vanilla/MK/ADV drill.


      • This is an experimental block!
      If it causes performance problems, it will be disabled.

New hand tool: Voxel Shredder

The voxel shredder is a hand-held tool that allows remove voxel on to asteroids or planets.
While holding the tool, you must be near a planet or asteroid to use it.
:BulletPointOrange:Can destroy voxels.
:BulletPointOrange:Can cut voxel as per your discretion

      • You can control the size and extent of voxel destruction

It is added because hand drill stops working in this update.

New Spawn ship:

:BulletPointOrange:Drill spawn ship
      • Small ship with single drill (this is not a starter ship, no resources)

Ship Tools:

:BulletPointOrange:Increased mining range:
      • MK Drill: Small/Large: 3,2m/3,5m (old values: 2,29m/3,07m)
      • ADV/Rebel Drill: Small/Large: 4,2m/4,9m – (old values: 3,0m/4,0m)
:BulletPointOrange:Reduced active sensor offset on Welder/Grinder (green bubble)

Ore material:

:BulletPointOrange:Increased Ice mining ratio by 50%.


:BulletPointOrange:Increased Rebel Refine/Assembly speed: 500%.


:BulletPointOrange:Added missing blocks for damage reduction.
:BulletPointOrange:Added scripts locking Medical Room (must have an owner or it will disabled)
:BulletPointOrange:Hand Drill is disabled.
:BulletPointOrange:New image on spawn ship.

Hotfix – 06.11.2020

:BulletPointOrange:Fixed rocket damage

Patch – 26.11.2020

The entire KEEN update has been implemented.
:BulletPointOrange:Fixed the negative impact of Rebel Trade on SimSpeed (speed ​​decreased)

:BulletPointOrange:Fixed resistance of all doors by (Resistance 0% > 80%)

:BulletPointOrange:Changed startup time of MK/ADV safezone (10min)

:BulletPointOrange:Added new trading options.

:BulletPointOrange:Increased the GPS visibility timer of Captured signals +30%.

:BulletPointOrange:Increased durability of Hangar Door/Gate (Resistance 150% > 200%)

:BulletPointOrange:Increased durability of weapons.

:BulletPointOrange:Decreased durability URM weapons.

:BulletPointOrange:Landing Gear is back!

:BulletPointOrange:GUI rebuilt (g)

Patch – 27.11.2020

:BulletPointOrange:Decreased URM primary weapon damage (-30%)
:BulletPointOrange:Decreased PCU for all ION thrusters (15 > 10)

:BulletPointOrange:Decreased PCU for all Atmospheric thrusters (15 > 10)

:BulletPointOrange:Reduced fuel consumption of all Hydrogen thrusters (-30%)

:BulletPointOrange:Changed operation of the O2 / H2 Generators.
      • Takes a constant amount of ice
      • Produces much more H2/s depending on the tier (Increase of 60%)
        • Vanilla: 60
        • MK: 96 > 132 > 168
        • ADV: 204 > 240 > 276
      • Summary: You need less ice for more H2, but it takes longer.

:BulletPointOrange:Fixed an issue with Hydrogen Tank energy consumption 


Rebels-Games Team