Update 1.4.27



In this update, we focused on improving a few elements.
The present changes is to prepare us for future development.

In the near future, we will focus on developing NPCs and balance Cadmium availability.

We will soon be running a massive test for a bug that has been among us for a long time.
• We run the server with a clean world with all mods and plugins (Creative)
• You spawned your miner and you will start digging.

If the test is successful, we will have to move all the grids to the new world and drill limit will be adjusted.

Additional cleanup on server:

From now on:
The server will perform object purging without Grid Core two hours after boot up and before the scheduled restart.

New Experimental block:

:BulletPointOrange:X-Large Airtight Hangar Door:

      Very large animated hangar door.
      • Size: 1x8x3


      • This is an experimental block!
      If it causes performance problems, it will be disabled.

Uranium on Mars:

:BulletPointOrange:Uranium Low Quality:
      • A new ore on the planet Mars.
      • It has a 30% lower yield.

Safe Zone:

:BulletPointOrange:Vanilla Safe Zone has been restored (gets zone chip in inventory)


      • Build the block again.
        old block will be deleted on: 27.12.2020.

NPC Loot Chest:

:BulletPointOrange:They are open, you don’t need to hack them.
      • Increased block resistance.


:BulletPointOrange:Increased the character’s inventory (3K > 5K)
:BulletPointOrange:Added large hangar door (enlarged vanilla model)

:BulletPointOrange:Improved production fields on assemblers.

:BulletPointOrange:Increased price selling (Pirate component, Zone Chip)

:BulletPointOrange:Fixed a bug in Rebel Trade (missing field Irium for Zone Chip)


Rebels-Games Team