Update 1.4.28



Maintenance completed successfully!
We have prepared a new, fully optimized save.

:BulletPointOrange:New Omega:
:BulletPointOrange:Old Omega:

The new world was created because the old one has been operating since 2018.
In the meantime, there were some big changes, a lot of old information still exists in it (causing problems)
But as promised, no one will lose any grids.

The new save brings with it some changes…
All player id’s have been moved, but fractions gps and bank of players (SC) not.

What now?
 Now you need to bring your Grids to a new world.
:BulletPointOrange:Log in to the old server:
:BulletPointOrange:Use the command “!hangar save”
:BulletPointOrange: Log in to the new server:
:BulletPointOrange:Use the command “!hangar list”
:BulletPointOrange:Use the command “!hangar load (Name or ID number)”



:BulletPointOrange:Only the owner can brings the grid

:BulletPointOrange:Before you start moving grids, log in to the new server and create factions.
:BulletPointOrange:Withdraw all money from the bank.
:BulletPointOrange:Don’t go over the limits.

The old server will be active until 27 December 2020.

Fixed Drill Sim-Drop:

This is a problem that has been with us for a long time…
– Massive simspeed drops caused by drilling


The cooperation of players and friends, we managed to find a solution
therefore, we decided to change a few things.
• Giant drill is back!
• Drills eat now 1 point
• RMB for ADV enabled



I would like to especially thank you for help – ForgeOfGods, slimeradio and Foogs
This problem was very tiring, thank you again!

SCAV Planet optimization:

:BulletPointOrange:The base planet file was very compressed:
      • Old: 23mb
      • New: 628b

Render lag issue should not disturb anymore


:BulletPointOrange:They only work on static objects now.
:BulletPointOrange:Increased movement speed (40%)
:BulletPointOrange:Increased welding/grinding speed (30%)

New plugin: Hangar
Stays on the server!!!

This plugin creates a server-side hangar for your grids. (Grid Garage) 
Players can save and load grids from their hangar.

Hangar Commands:
!hangar save – Attempts to save grid you are looking at.
:BulletPointOrange:!hangar load (Name or ID number) – Attempts to load specified grid.
:BulletPointOrange:!hangar list – Lists all active ships and their pcu values that are in your hangar.

Hangar limits:
:BulletPointOrange:Hangar slots: 5
:BulletPointOrange:Block Limit per grid: 8000
:BulletPointOrange:PCU Limit per grid: 40000
:BulletPointOrange:No enemy within 2km
Cooldown: 10 minutes

Auto Hangar:

:BulletPointOrange:Objects of inactive players for 20 days will be moved to the hangar.
      • If a player has blocks on another object, they will be removed after 21 days.
      • If the player wants to restore the object after 21 days of inactivity
        • The player must inform the administrator before using the command “!hangar load”

The server deletes the player’s ID after 21 days, if you want to restore the object after this time

nothing will stop you, but you will not be able to access it.
After logging in again, the server will assign you a different id.
Please inform the administrator before doing this.

Patch – 16.12.2020

:OrangePoint: Voxels collision is enabled.
:OrangePoint: Hand Drill is working again.


Rebels-Games Team