Update 1.4.30

LATEST UPDATE: 22.04.2021

Keen Update

All keen changes have been implemented into the rebels modification. We took the opportunity to implement a few fixes and changes…

Starting Ship

:OrangePoint:Added to the inventory Semi Auto Pistol
    • First Spawn: 5x Pistol and 80x Ammo Magazine
    • Quick Spawn: 1x Pistol and 2x Ammo Magazine
:OrangePoint:Added Gravity Component to Quick Spawn ship

Menu G

:OrangePoint:Fixed a bug with invisible blocks.


Several fixes to assembler changes that should make block use easier.
:OrangePoint:Tool production moved to Basic Assembler.
:OrangePoint:Weapons and ammunition in one group.
:OrangePoint:Rearranged the tools/weapons menu.


:OrangePoint:Reduced time smelting all resources (-15%)