Update 1.4.34

LATEST UPDATE: 11.10.2021

Initial preparatory changes

Part of fixes preparing for weapons update.
These are preliminary changes that will allow us to prepare better and smoother for Update 1.5

:OrangePointSmall: Changed disassembly ratio (grinding)
  • Armor Blocks
  • Window Blocks
  • Cockpit Blocks
  • Door Blocks

:OrangePointSmall: Changed damage multiplier
Changed damage multiplayer between diffrent block tiers.
  • Armor Blocks
  • Window Blocks
  • Energy Blocks
  • Thruster Blocks
  • Production Blocks
  • JumpDrive Blocks
  • Connector Blocks
  • Cargo Blocks

These types of changes will be introduced more and more often to enable us to implement faster.

Other changes and fixes

:OrangePointSmall: Deluxe Toilet
• Fixed a bug not producing excrement.

:OrangePointSmall: Food Blocks
• Added block group to the G menu.

:OrangePointSmall: Low Sleep
  • Blink effect improved (bigger timeloop)


:OrangePointSmall: New blocks:
• Kitchen 2
• Hydroponic Plate
• Hydroponic Farm
• Hydroponic Chamber
• Hydroponic Drum

This update was made in collaboration with Kuvat.

New NPC mod

Added mod “Lost Colony Encounters” on server.

Minor Update  01.11.2021 – Food Synthesizer

New Blocks

:OrangePointSmall: Food
  • Food Synthesizer (Small Grid)

These models were made by Kuvat.

Other changes and fixes

:OrangePointSmall: Starting Ship
• Added he Food Emergency Packs.

:OrangePointSmall: Halloween Event
• Increased item spawn rate.

:OrangePointSmall: Clock
  • Date corrected