Update - 1.4.5


Hello Space Engineers!

In this update there are some changes and also some new mechanic
Full description bellow, enjoy!

Presenting Offline boost option:

  • While away from refinery/assembler (or even offline) it charging boost (You need to be away/offline for at least 30 min, to activate boost charging)
  • When you come back, refinery/assembler start use boost.
  • Max boost time = 1 hour, which means, if you were offline 24 hours, you will get 1 hour one of this boosts:
    – x24 Speed
    – x8 Speed x3 Power
    – x6 Speed x4 Power
    – x5 Speed x5 Power


    You choose, which boost you need more.


    • Examples:
      1) 24 hour offline -> 1 hour boost; after 1 hour, staying near refinery/assembler, they will work ass usual
      2) 24 hour offline -> 1 hour boost; you stay 30 min near, then you go mining away from base. come back: 30 min boost left
      3) you go mining for 60 min, for your Big Falcon Driller, comes back; 60min away / 24 = extra 2,5 min of boost


  • + added in control panel information about active boost

Added a charge for personal space credit account – activation of  function 15.10.2019 (20:00 +01 UTC)

Change in update:

  • Each 10 minutes 0,02% -> 0,0018% of current credit amount is extracted from player account. (0.043% per day)

Added space credits penalty for death and kill bonus

Change in update:

  • Penalty for suicide: 1%  -> 0.2%
  • Penalty for death from lack oxygen: 0.1% -> 0.01%
  • Penalty for getting owned by other player: Bonus for the killer

Added collision protection

  • Object that is flying under 30m/s will not sustain damage from voxels.

Upgader menu setting for jump drive

  • Distance setting and Destination setting are at the top of setting list

+ Changes in function automatic door closing

For function to work, add to block name:

  • [AUTOCLOSE] – Automatic closing
  • [AUTO]  Automatic closing and opening

Changed amount of resources refinery will take in its internal storage

Change in update:

  • Refinery (2000 -> 100000 -> 5000 per tick)
  • Rebel Refinery (2000 -> 7000 per tick) 

Changed engineer stats after spawn

  • Energy (0.16 -> 0.26)
  • Oxygen (0.15 -> 0.38)

Changed amount of Zone Chip amount on trade stations

  • Min amount (1 -> 5)
  • Max amount (10 -> 48)

Changed auto door command name


+ Changed stack in space credit

  • Limit removed


  • Fixed bad predictor for ore refining
  • Fixed a lack of beacons on trade stations

Future: Project Castle

  • Capture a flag or in this case a block that will grant player big rewards


  • How to:
    – Block generates a safe zone Green when its open and ready to be conquer, Red when its owned by another player.


    – To conquer the block player will need to deal certain amount of damage to the block, after that he becomes a owner of that block.


    – Red safe zone is protecting the owner for 22 hours after which block will open up again and change the safe zone color to green allowing players to conquer it again.


    – If the owner is successful in defending the block to not sustain cap damage, he will regain ownership over the block again.
    But if owner is not able to defend the block and the block is damaged to its cap, then player that dealt the most damage will gain ownership of the block, this also include the safe zone.



Rebels-Games Team