Update - 1.4.6


Hello Space Engineers!

These are probably the most anticipated changes…
Full description bellow, enjoy!


Attention!  All the vanilla Assembler / Basic Refinery/ Refinery need to be rebuilt after the update!

  • Blocks were redefined from scratch
  • Vanilla variants may work way slower and they will use more PCU, untill You replace them with updated ones


Fixed GUI

  • Blocks listing (G menu)
  • Blocks sorting (G menu groups)
  • Eliminated the Fake block

Fixed the Production Boost

  • While away from refinery/assembler (or even offline) it’s charging boost (You need to be away/offline for at least 30 min, to activate boost charging)
  • When you come back, refinery/assembler start use boost.
  • Max boost time = 1 hour, which means, if you were offline 24 hours, you will get 1 hour one of this boosts:
    – x24 Speed
    – x8 Speed x3 Power Efficiency
    – x6 Speed x4 Power Efficiency
    – x5 Speed x5 Power Efficiency


    You choose, which boost you need more.


    • Examples:
      1) 24 hour offline -> 1 hour boost while near refinery/assembler; after boost expires the refinery/assembler will work as usual
      2) 24 hour offline -> 1 hour boost, if you leave after only 30 minutes, you will still have 30 minutes of boost left when you come near the refinery/assembler again
      3) you go mining for 60 minutes, boost will start charging and when you come back you will get extra 2,5 minutes of boost (60 min away / 24)

More fixes:


  • Fixed bad texture directories
  • Fixed NULL error (undefined value)
  • Fixed unlimited Assembler/Basic Refinery/Refinery bug

Defensive turret

  • Decreased rate of fire for Defensive Turret (5000 -> 2000)
  • Decreased 2x35mm Dartclip size (100000 -> 10000)

Changes in Blocks scaling:



Rebels-Games Team