Update - 1.4.7


Hello Space Engineers!

This update should improve interaction with npc objects as well as increase the frequency of PVP…
Full description bellow, enjoy!



Attention!  Terms-Of-Use update: Lern the new rules!


NPC System

  • Added GPS spawn “Captured signal”
  • As soon as an NPC object appears, a violet GPS will show up, for everyone on the server (time limited)
  • Increased loot spawn
  • Increased frequency of NPC objects beeing spawned
  • Fixed a problem with not-dissapearing NPC objects
  • Added 10 additional objects to the system

Boost Production

  • Disabled info about activation (notification)

Economy: NPC Trading stations


  • Added Pirate Component to fractions’ dealers merchandise


  • Decreased building cost


  • Updated skybox darkness refresh rate


  • Fixed an issue with correct version number, not showing up


  • Fixed a problem with conveyors blocks scrolling

Rebels-Games Team