The Story Starts Here  Rebels Games is a community of content creators and gamers from around world! We host dedicated servers for Space Engineers, a game by Keen Software House, create unique models and our own custom modifications. The project focuses on creating high quality content.


Thanks to powerful hardware provided
from bahu.pro and optimization plug-ins,
As well as well-written modifications
we are able to ensure high stability and performance.


All blocks with tiers (MK1-3,ADV1-3) requires
aditional components to build from ores:
• Lateryt, Malachit, Palladium wich you can find on
planets and small amounts
on the moons to build MK blocks.
• Unknown Ore from DEAD SUN to build ADV blocks.

Each lvl of block have doubled stats and
require twice as much components.


Set very much on the survivalist aspect.
Varied distribution and density of
deposits on planets and asteroids.
In order to develop you must
travel in search of deposits.

Information about the server

Galaxy Map

Immerse yourself in the space abyss of the HEX universe, in the Space Engineers game enhanced with a huge amount of content. Take part in interstellar conflicts alone or with friends.

Turn on the production machine and discover the possibilities of the new rebel blocks.
Accumulate rebel components and get ahead of others in the industrial race.
The strength of the industry lies in the group and reinforcement, so don't limit yourself to weak blocks. Raise your potential and get to the next level with MK and ADV upgrades.
Show courage and take on progression challenges to unlock access to higher levels.

Fight for the upper hand with personalized weapons and ammunition,
don't be defeated and show that you can do it!

A server with a high difficulty, not for the weak - are you ready to take up the challenge?

Gold Star program

Our servers have been highlighted with the Gold Star by Keen Software House! This is an extraordinary recognition for our community and proof that our work and dedication have been appreciated on a large scale. 

Planetary map on the server

Hover the mouse cursor over the pulsating element.

Everyone starts the game in a safe pve zone, where other players won't destroy your grids. Stay in a safe comfort zone for as long as you need to, but prepare for a long journey for better resources.

Note: In PVE sectors, damage is disabled.

It's time to fight, dominate and develop more. Experience 3x, 6x, 8x faster processing of raw materials and grow even faster. Learn about new weapons and ammunition, adapt it to your style of play and don't get defeated.

High risk, high reward - These sectors contain the most valuable raw materials.
Be prepared for a dangerous journey and meeting other players, usually aggressive.

Note: player cannot build and weld.


A green planet in the PVE sector, where everyone starts their adventure.

Resources on planet:
Co, C, Au, Fe, Mg, Ni, Si, Ag, Cu


The moon of planet Aiva, characterized by black stone and blue ice, offering a terrain both forbidding and mesmerizing.

Resources on planet:
Co, Au, Fe, Ni, Pt, Si, Al, Pd


A planet cloaked in ice with lush green lowlands, promising a landscape of contrasts and untold mysteries.

Resources on planet:
Co, C, Au, Fe, Mg, Ni, Si, Ag, Cu


The largest and very attractive starting planet in the PVE sector.

Resources on planet:
Co, C, Au, Fe, Mg, Ni, Si, Ag, Cu


A cold, half-glaciated planet with a vibrant florom in PVE sector.

Resources on planet:
Co, C, Au, Fe, Mg, Ni, Si, Pd


The silver globe, is another important step in the expansion of space.

Resources on planet:
Co, Au, Fe, Ni, Pt, Si, Al


Death has left a powerful mark on this planet.

Resources on planet:
Co, Au, Fe, Ni, Ag, U, Al, Pd, Rb


Blooming with life a small planet adjacent to a giant spook.

Resources on planet:
C, Fe, Mg, Ni, Si, Al, Cu, Rb, Os


A white-red solitary planet, its surface is covered with a lot of ice.

Resources on planet:
Co, C, Fe, Mg, Ni, Si, Ag, Cu, Pd, Rb, Os, U



Unique and located in the middle of the galaxy.

Resources on planet:
C, Au, Mg, Pt, U, Bg, Cu, Pd, Os

Dead Sun

In a continuous process of transformation, is the only time when the temperature is low enough to fly closer and extract exceptional resources from the surface.

Resources on planet:
Pt, U, Vr, Cs, Ra, Cf, C


A vast desert where one can see traces of life.

Resources on planet:
Co, C, Au, Fe, Ni, Si, Ag, Al, Pd, Os


Excessively colorful, similar to the earth, but more mysterious.

Resources on planet:
Co, C, Fe, Mg, Ni, Si, U, Al, Cu, Rb


A very small moon of a super toxic planet.
Very special because its entire interior is filled with the most valuable raw material Hexan (Hx)

Resources on planet:
Co, Hx


An extremely dangerous planet with a gravitational anomaly
and many electrical discharges.
Its surface hides a unique raw material that can decompose into many other.

Resources on planet:
Pt, U, E0


A desert planet adorned with distinct dark-colored rocky mountains, beckoning adventurers to explore its arid expanses.

Resources on planet:
Co, C, Fe, Mg, Ni, Si, U, Al, Cu, Rb

Each planet has its own unique ore distribution.
You can find the exact table of ore on the planets.

Rules on the server

• Name of grid should start with your nickname. Example: "Player Ship"
Press (K) Terminal > Info > Grid Name:
• Behave decently and culturally in the game.
• Faction must have a minimum of 2 players.
▹Without maximum limit.
• Blocks without a <builtby> will be removed.
• Object must have a minimum +25 blocks.
• Every object you want to keep must have an owner and maintained "Grid Core" block.
▹Otherwise it will be deleted.
▹Doesn't have to be turned on and completed.
▹Server eats 1 Grid Core Component each hour, your grid is no longer save when Grid Core is empty!
▹More information: FAQ

PCU per player: 120000
Blocks per player: Unlimited
Blocks per grid: Dependent on Grid Core

  • Static Grid Core: 2
  • Civilian Grid Core: 4
  • Military Grid Core: 2


Additional rules for PVE:
PVE sectors are subject to administrator observation and support.
• Prohibited attacking other players and grids.

Additional rules for PVP:
• In PVP sectors, there are no moral rules, anyone can attack anyone whenever they want.

• Building and settling is prohibited in Hard PVP sectors (collect resources and fight).
• Just follow the general rules and prohibitions.

    Colloquially speaking, do what you want, attack destroy, be nice or not. PVP sectors rely on the fact that the player does not have to fear, do what you want but remember the overarching-rules.

    • Griefing - Forbidden.
    ▹Broadly defined, it refers to the intentional hindrance of other players in a game.
    ▹This rules has a strong emphasis on PVE Sectors - PVP Sectors allow damaging of other players' grids.
    • Using radar scripts - Forbidden.
    • Using exploits - Forbidden.
    • Using the exploit nobody - Forbidden.
    • Using Clang Drive - Forbidden.
    ▹The detected object will be deleted along with its neighboring objects.
    • Moving NPC grids from DeepSpace to other sectors - Prohibited.
    ▹Attempting to move will delete the grid.
    • Deactivating enemy safezone using exploit seizure of ownership - Forbidden.
    • Building stations within sector of the Sun - Forbidden.
    • Building stations within sector of the Zero - Forbidden.
    • Using family sharing accounts - Forbidden.
    ▹Using it will cause a permanent ban.
    ▹Does not apply to bought versions
    • PCU trading – Forbidden.
    • Using more points than the grid core limiter allows - Forbidden.
    • Ramming within Trader Safe Zone - Forbidden
    • Grids within trader Safe Zones that are there for over 24 hours will be removed.

    Side note: If something seems like abuse, it certainly is - if you're not sure, ask us.

    Production on the server

    Block used to process Ores into Ingots.

    It have 3 basic parameters:
    ● Productivity (Speed)
    - specifies how fast it refines
    ● Effectiveness (Yield)
    - ore to ingot ratio
    ● Power Efficiency
    - increase for lower power consumption

    Quality of refined ore
    all standard ores are available in 3 variants
    ● 40% (0,4) Low Quality Ore
    ● 100% (1,0) Medium Quality Ore
    ● 160% (1,6) High Quality Ore

    Basic Refinery
    Can process only Iron, Nickel, Cobalt and Coal:
    [no module slots]
    70% (0,7) Productivity
    65% (0,65) Effectiveness
    100% (1,0) Power Efficiency 0,33MW

    all ores, except Coal:
    [8 slots / 4 modules]
    100% (1,0) Productivity
    100% (1,0) Effectiveness
    100% (1,0) Power Efficiency 0,56MW

    Rebel Refinery
    all ores, except Coal:
    [12 slots / 6 modules]
    500% (5,0) Productivity
    100% (1,0) Effectiveness
    100% (1,0) Power Efficiency 0,56MW

    Basic Refinery:
    ● Cobalt Ore ➜ Cobalt Ingot
    ● Coal Ore ➜ Coal Powder
    ● Iron Ore ➜ Iron Ingot
    ● Nickel Ore ➜ Nickel Ingot
    ● Magnesium Ore ➜ Magnesium Powder
    ● Silicon Ore ➜ Silicon Wafer
    ● Stone Ore ➜ Gravel
    ● Scrap Metal ➜ Iron Ingot
    ● Titanium ➜ Titanium, Copper, Aluminium, Osmium

    ● Stone Ore ➜ Cobalt, Iron, Nickel, Silicon Ingot
    ● Cobalt Ore ➜ Cobalt Ingot
    ● Gold Ore ➜ Gold Ingot
    ● Iron Ore ➜ Iron Ingot
    ● Magnesium Ore ➜ Magnesium Powder
    ● Nickel Ore ➜ Nickel Ingot
    ● Palatinium Ore ➜ Palatinium Ingot
    ● Silicon Ore ➜ Silicon Wafer
    ● Silver Ore ➜ Silver Ingot
    Uranium Ore ➜ Uranium Ingot

    ● Space Rock ➜ Stone, Iron, Magnesium, Platinum, Palladium, Rubidium
    ● Blue Goo ➜ Silver, Coal, Copper, Osmium, Uranium
    ● Volcanic Rock ➜ Coal, Gold, Platinum, Uranium Ingot

    ● Lateryte Ore ➜ Aluminium Ingot
    ● Malachite Ore ➜ Copper Ingot
    ● Palladium Ore ➜ Palladium Ingot
    ● Rubidium Ore ➜ Rubidium Ingot
    ● Osmium Ore ➜ Osmium Ingot
    ● Hexan Ore ➜ Hexan, Gold, Magnesium

    ● Element Zero ➜ Osmium, Rubidium, Copper, Aluminium, Silver, Palladium, Caesium, Uranium, Diamond

    ● Unknown Material ➜ Caesium Ingot
    ● Unknown Material ➜ Radium Ingot
    ● Unknown Material ➜ Californium Ingot

    Parameters per attachment point:
    Productivity Speed | Effectiveness Yield | Power Efficiency
    ● Vanilla
    1,2247448 | 1,0908712 | 1,2206555
    ● MK
    1,5811388 | 1,2961481 | 1,5716233
    ● ADV
    2,0000000 | 1,6822603 | 1,9849433

    Modificator for 1 module:
    Productivity Speed | Effectiveness Yield | Power Efficiency
    ● Vanilla
    150% | 119% | 149%
    ● MK
    250% | 168% | 247%
    ● ADV
    400% | 283% | 394%

    All module blocks parameters are multiplicate!

    All blocks with tiers (MK1-3,ADV1-3)
    requires aditional components to build from ores:
    ● Lateryte, Malachit, Palladium
    wich U can find on planets and small amounts on the moons to build MK.
    ● Uknown Ore from DEAD SUN to build ADV.

    Each lvl of block have doubled stats of previous lvl and require twice as many components.

    ● Assembler vanilla ➤ vanilla
    ● Assembler MK ➤ vanilla and MK
    ● Assembler ADV ➤ vanilla, MK and ADV

    Click The Title to Expand In Game: Basic information panel - press '' button on the keypad.

    Grid Core / Point Limits

    Grid Core responsible for grid limits and prevents grid deletion.
    Each core has specially personalized limits
    to maintain balance and equilibrium in the gameplay between players.
    There are 3 types of Grid Core available to you
    • Static - which gives enormous possibilities for station development.
    • Civilian - for function ships and transport ships.
    • Military - for combat and escort (we all know that only for combat).

    To check the current grid point consumption
    - go into the grid core block control panel

    Table with point limits:
    Points Table link

    Connecting grids using:
    Piston, Rotor, Suspension, Connector, Landing Gear
    - will result in selection of core with higher priority.

    Note: Duplicating and merging core will not increase the limit.

    GRID CORE (GC) contains:

    • 72 T1 GC Components – requires: 1 Iron ingot
    • 96 T2 GC Components – requires: 0,1 Aluminium and Copper ingots
    • 168 T3 GC Components – requires: 0,01 Palladium, Platinum and Osmium ingots

    Server will delete 1 component every hour (24 per day), it means that fully built Grid Core will protect your grid from deletion for 14 days (contains 336 components which is equal to 336 hours which is equal to 14 days)

    T2 and T3 components require rarer ingots so beginners have to refill Grid Cores at least every 72 hours (72 T1 components), but they can easily extend this time to 7 days by obtaining aluminium and copper to build T2 GC Components.

    Component consumption starts with highest tier component inside the Grid Core, which means Grid Core filled up to 14 days will start to consume T3 components first.

    How to make them?
    - Survival kit - Assembler
    Does the Grid Core block have to be turned on?
    - No.
    Should the Grid Core block be 100% built?
    - No, it needs to be welded up to at least 1%.
    Pistons and rotors, do they need a separate Grid Core?
    - No, you only need one Grid Core on main grid, same applies to the wheels.
    Does the Grid Core need power?
    - No.
    Does the grid core provide offline protection?
    - No.

     To keep your grid, you must have a Grid Core block on it!
    (object must have +25 blocks)

    Progression Keys (Technology tree)

    Technology Tree (Menu G)
    Advanced technologies, tools, and blocks, enabling players to enhance their construction.

    A new player, starting in the Starting Pod, must grind (to a functional state - Blue Line) and re-weld the Basic Assembler, to unlock the first technology tree.

    In the Starting Pod, the basic assembler is located on the left.

    Players cannot share progression - each player must unlock technology trees personally.

    ↓ Information on how to unlock the next technology three, see below. ↓

    Progression Key
    There are 3 different types of progression keys (Vanilla, MK, ADV).

    The keys can be produced in any assembler.
    - To produce the keys you need a special component called Token.
    - Tokens are received every 30 minutes of activity on the server and vote (reward for playing time).

    Excess tokens can be exchanged for rebel components at the rebel trading station.

    Progression Key Vanilla - Challenge: Catch me
    - A simple challenge to catch a fleeing object.
    - It is designed to teach the logic behind the challenges.
    - Don't destroy it, for it carries a reward inside.
    - Challenge is only available in space.
    You can start the challenge by using the command: !unlock vanilla

    Progression Key MK - Challenge: Quiz
    - Mid-level challenge of answering questions.
    - Providing all the correct answers will give you access to the MK tier and rewards.
    - Challenge is only available in space.
    You can start the challenge by using the command: !unlock mk

    Progression Key ADV - Challenge: Labyrinth
    - Difficult challenge of going through the labyrinth.
    - A complicated multi-level labyrinth with logic puzzles.
    - Be prepared, this task may take 30-50min.
    - Finishing the labyrinth will give you access to the ADV tier and rewards.
    - Challenge is only available in space.
    - Available only in PVP Sectors.
    You can start the challenge by using the command: !unlock adv

    You can fly into space on a jetpack, remember that the road towards space is far. Get ready!
    Check the "Progression" tab in the G Menu.

    Warning: Taking the challenge takes away 1x key.
    - You must carry the required key in your personal inventory to start the challenge
    - If you quit during the challenge the key is lost and recovery is not possible.
    - Remember that if you make a mistake, the key will be lost and the challenge must be done from the beginning.

    Rebel blocks (Rebel Components)

    Spacial blocks marked with a blue border that give additional bonuses.
    They are not included in the Grid Core limits, so they have no limitations.
    • Refinery
    • Assembler
    • Welder
    • Grinder
    • Drill

    All blocks named Rebels will lose RC per hour (the same as Grid Core)
    - Server destroys block to non-functional state (red line)

    Remember that you can't get back the rebel components you invested
    (Grinding will turn them to scrap (same way as power cells in batteries)

      Voting - Reward!

      How it works? - It is very easy!

      Being on the server, enter "!vote" in chat window
      cast your vote and write "!reward"

      • !vote – Moves to a website where you can vote
      • !reward - Get a reward for voting
      • !topvoters - Displays the top 10 voting players of the month
      • !topreward - Allows you to claim an additional reward for voting in the previous month

      Daily reward:
      • 20-58 pcs. Rebels Components
      • 12-42 pcs. Uranium Ingots
      • 10k pcs. Space Credits
      • 10 pcs. Token
      • 1 pcs. Welder, Grinder and Drill tier 4
      • and 1 Chocolate!

      Monthly voting reward:
      • 1 - 4 votes  50 pcs. Rebels Components
      • 5 - 9 votes 100 pcs. Rebels Components
      • 10 - 14 votes 200 pcs. Rebels Components
      • 15 - 24 votes 300 pcs. Rebels Components
      • 25 - 26 votes 400 pcs. Rebels Components + 100 Diamonds
      • 27 - 28 votes 500 pcs. Rebels Components + 200 Diamonds
      • 29 - 30 votes 800 pcs. Rebels Components + 300 Diamonds

      The player must have a free space in the personal inventory, otherwise he will not receive a reward.

      Rebel Trade


      It's the exchange of credits to ingots and the other way around.

      How to make said exchange?
      The best way is to have small ship, like for example, miner, that you have on screen (space to connect a ship to the connector of trade station is limited).

      • Accept the alliance of the RG faction.
      • Trader works like an assembler.

      If you don't have credits, you are not able to trade with station.


      Connector on station.

      You should connect to the connector of trade station, which is marked with LCD displays with the inscription “TRADE”.

      To be able to connect to the connector of trade station you need to make sure that the connector of yours ship has changed ownership to “ALL”.
      When connectors will light up with yellow color, just press “P” to lock them. hen connectors color changes to green, you are ready to trade


      Move your Ingots to “Trader” and buy Credits.

      Then move Credits that you already bought to the same place where you put Ingots.

      Go to the “Production”.
      Now you can buy Ingots with your Credits.
      There is also an option to buy Ingots of every resources with Rebelium.
      If you make mistake, there is an option to refund it back to “Trader”.
      But sales are cheaper than buying. So keep it in mind, and think twice what you are buying.
      After exchange don’t forget to move ingots to you cargo containers.

      Commands on server


      • /rebels – Website Rebls-Games.com
      • /gridcore – Points Table link
      • /ore – Ore Table link
      • /discord – Discord server link


      • !store - Website Shop
      • !perks "PackName" - Use the purchased package
      • !perk list - Display a list of packages to use


      • !vote – Moves to a website where you can vote
      • !reward - Get a reward for voting
      • !topvoters - Displays the top 10 voting players of the month
      • !topreward - Allows you to claim an additional reward for voting in the previous month
      • !mystery - Unpack x1 box
      • !mysteryx100 - Unpack x100 boxes
      • !hexan - Unpack x1 box
      • !hexanx100 - Unpack x100 boxes
      • !grids list - Find your objects
      • !gps get - Add all gps planets
      • !hangar save - Transfer the grid to the Hangar (Once every PVE - 15min | PVP - 24 hours)
      • !hangar load "GridName" - Restore the grid from the Hangar (Once every PVE - 15min | PVP - 24 hours)
      • !hangar list - Display the list of grids in the Hangar
      • !nexus lobby - Return to lobby
      • !oremap time - Information about the next ore map change date
      • !unlock {vanilla/mk/adv} - triggers progression challenge (look: PROGRESSION KEYS)
      • !tools {1-4} - quick purchase of tools (look: TOOL SETS)
      • !unstuck - add "GridName". Moves the grid over the voxel
      • !fixship - add "GridName". Stops the grid, cuts and pastes is back (majority of ownership required)

      Stops the grid, cuts and pastes it back. Every player can use this command “fixship”.
      But only on grids he has the majority of ownership on.

      The command wont work if there are active connections to connectors or landing gears, or if there are Players in a cockpit, cryopod or any other block players can sit on.
      Like, for example, the toilet.


      Our servers have been highlighted with the Gold Star by Keen Software House!
      This is an extraordinary recognition for our community and proof that our work and dedication have been appreciated on a large scale.

      We are immensely excited that our servers have joined the Gold Star program and the list of servers recommended by Keen Software House. This is a huge step forward for our community and a confirmation of the high-quality experience we strive to provide to every player.

      Join our event where you have the chance to earn Gold Stars and win fantastic prizes!

      Vote: In-game, use the command: !vote
      and cast your vote to receive a Gold Star - a special in-game item.

      Redeem for Rewards: Once you have the Gold Star in your backpack
      type the command: !goldstar - to participate in the prize draw.

      That's it! Don't wait any longer - join us and earn your Gold Stars today!

      Mystery Box

      On each sectors, a player receives a Mystery Box every 10 minutes, which is a special crate containing rewards.

      To exchange the Mystery Box for rewards, the player must use the command:

      • !mystery - Unpack one box.
      • !mysteryx10 - Unpack x10 boxes.

      Each box can yield 3 rewards from the list.

      To be able to unpack the crate, the player must have them in their backpack.

      Hexan Box

      On Zero sector, a player receives a Hexan Box every 1 minutes, which is a special crate containing rewards.

      To exchange the Hexan Box for rewards, the player must use the command:

      • !hexan - Unpack one box.
      • !hexanx10 - Unpack x10 boxes.

      Each box can yield 1 rewards from the list.

      To be able to unpack the crate, the player must have them in their backpack.

      Marshall Event

      Marshall has just introduced a new trade route through our planetary system! That means one thing - it's time for adventure!

      Marshall is a wealthy and daring explorer who has built his fortune on the search for valuable resources on distant planets. His company, Marshall Company, specializes in interstellar travel and transporting valuable goods. Although his ships are full of wealth, they often suffer from malfunctions, resulting in the loss of valuable cargo. His presence in our planetary system opens up new opportunities to acquire extraordinary treasures!

      How to join the adventure?
      Every two weeks for three days, on three different planets in our system, bags full of money lost by Marshall's ships will appear. Your task will be to find, cut, and collect them. The schedule and details regarding the event's locations can be found on our special Discord channel: #marshallschedule

      How to claim rewards?

      Once you collect the money bags, you can exchange them for valuable rewards! Just use a special command.

      • !bluebag
      • !greenbag
      • !redbag

      New Challenges from Marshall!

      Many of Marshall's ships and space stations have experienced malfunctions during their journeys, threatening not only his enterprise but also interplanetary trade as a whole. In response to this need, Marshall's scientists have offered us their advanced technologies in exchange for support in the repairs.

      How to Participate in Marshall's Challenges?

      • Collect Money Bags: Gather a sufficient amount of money bags and exchange them for a progression key. You can do this at any assembler.
      • Assist in Repairs: Take on the challenge and repair all damaged blocks.
      • Receive Access to New Technology: After successful repairs, you will gain access to new technology.

      The time has come to join forces and support Marshall in this critical situation! Rewards and Marshall's new technologies await you!

      Ore / Map Randomizer

      Ore Map Randomizer

      To add variety to the gameplay and take advantage of the exploration element in the game, we have added many new ores and system of procedural map randomization for ores on planets.
      Ore Table link

      On the first day of the month, the server draws a new map and changes ore position on the planets.
      The system uses pre-prepared and hand-drawn maps to avoid overlapping and creating many single but poor deposits.

      • On the first day of the month ore will change position.
      • This feature works only in PVP sectors (In PVE sectors ore does not change position).

      Use the "!oremap" command to check the date of the next ore map draw

      Water, Food, Sleep

      This is a new element of survival stats
      You can harvest seeds and meat on planets.
      Seeds and peat can be mined from grass covered voxels.
      Head over to the Hydroponics block and start planting the seeds.
      Harvested crops and meat can be cooked into various meals in the kitchen or the cook bot block.


      • Seeds - You will find them on planets that have voxel covered with grass.
      • Peat - You will find it under the grass voxel.
      • Meat - Can be obtained from looting animal carcass.
      • Potatoes and Chocolate - Only available at NPC stations.
      • Cooking - Vegetables and fruits can be processed into nutritious dishes.
        Each dish has different statistics.

      Food blocks:

      • Hydroponic Planters
      • Hydroponic Rack
      • Hydroponic Corridor
      • Cook bot
      • Kitchen
      • Bar Counter
      • Bar Counter Corner


      • Cryo chamber and bed renew the dream, but when you sit in the bathroom, you can also rest a bit.

      Remember! While Drinking and Eating, your astronaut will open a helmet

      Useful coordinates (GPS)

      GPS Nate-3:
      • GPS:Nate-3 (PVE):20613090.97:1378863.33:-1949188.77:

      GPS Nate-3 Rebel Trade&Bank:
      • GPS:Space Trade Bank - Nate-3 #1:20486587.28:1354490.87:-1931763.19:#FF75C9F1:
      • GPS:Space Trade Bank - Nate-3 #2:20741298.86:1393821.21:-1964676.96:#FF75C9F1:

      GPS Tota:
      • GPS:Tota (PVE) :20509927.71:989776.71:-2325689.74:

      GPS Vesta:
      • GPS:Vesta (PVE) :20702844.28:1572216.64:-2079819.73:

      GPS Luna:
      • GPS:Luna (PVE):20537325.3:1342313.03:-1848630.25:

      GPS Aiva:
      • GPS:Aiva  (PVE):-19877269.33:-12045225.27:-6117923.54:

      GPS Aiva Rebel Trade&Bank:
      • GPS:Space Trade Bank - Aiva #1:-19958499.98:-11976578.9:-6012064.08:#FF75C9F1:

      GPS Feros:
      • GPS:Feros  (PVE):-19903533.94:-11806669.83:-6187955.5:

      GPS Crait:
      • GPS:Crait (PVP):1120691.16:823124.2:1143064.25:

      GPS Crait Rebel Trade&Bank:
      • GPS:Space Trade Bank - Crait #1:1039606.26:764528.04:1060049.71:#FF75C9F1:

      GPS Desolo:
      • GPS:Desolo (PVP):335595.28:-60385.38:940066.49:

      GPS Desolo Rebel Trade&Bank:
      • GPS:Space Trade Bank - Desolo #1:291857.18:-51914.88:817171.07:#FF75C9F1:

      GPS Trelan:
      • GPS:Trelan (PVP):430208.2:-217013:1020780.85:

      GPS Novus:
      • GPS:Novus (PVP):0:0:0:

      GPS Novus Rebel Trade&Bank:
      • GPS:Space Trade Bank - Novus #1:129075.02:8828.13:-12709.49:#FF75C9F1:

      GPS Pertam:
      • GPS:Pertam (PVP):-985796.02:80678.03:-147385.51:

      GPS Pertam Rebel Trade&Bank:
      • GPS:Space Trade Bank - Pertam #1:-857759.79:69872.68:-127640.16:#FF75C9F1:

      GPS Alien:
      • GPS:Alien (PVP):-1150859.79:7256.15:-233182.93:

      GPS Sun:
      • GPS:Sun (PVP):33934.37:-1543345.45:420639.53:

      GPS Zero:
      • GPS:Zero (PVP):-354878.17:569925.6:-198120.46:

      GPS Hexion:
      • GPS:Hexan (PVP):-339758.14:545677.68:-202072.73:

      Bank Locker

      Bank Locker
      It's a Safe locker at the trading station, in which you can store your most valuable raw materials.
      To access your own bank locker, just buy a key at a trade station and weld the block to a functional state.

      Rebels HEX Inventory Sorter (CodeBlock required)

      A simple TAG-based inventory sorter script which brings order to your mess.
      it unfolds its full strength on Rebels-Games HEX, but also works on vanilla servers.

      How to use:
      Just put one or more [TAG] in the name of your container and the script will sort it.

      Available Tags are:

      The script is using yielding, means it is artificially slowed down to sort only one
      item type per second. You can follow the progress on the Programable Block LCD.

      Description of Tags:
      [ORE] -> Vanilla Ore
      [COMP] -> Vanilla Components
      [ING] -> Vanilla Ingots
      [ICE] -> Frozen Water
      [BOTTLE] -> Hydrogen/Oxygen Bottles
      [TOOLS] -> Grinder, Welder, Drills
      [GUNS] -> Items you can shoot with
      [AMMO] -> Vanilla Ammunition
      [MOD_ORE] -> Modded Ore
      [MOD_COMP] -> Modded Components
      [MOD_ING] -> Modded Ingots
      [FOOD] -> Eat, Drink, Medicals, Alcohol etc...
      [MOD_AMMO] -> Modded Ammunition
      [PAD] -> Datapads
      [$$] -> Valuable things like Credits, Keys etc..

      Steam Work Shop
      Created by: g.

      Remember: still in development!

      Code Block

      Code Block
      This block runs custom and approved pre-defined ingame scripts.
      If you want to use a not-listed ingame script, write an add-request with
      the workshop id of the ingame script to the server admins or use custom scrypt from workshop.

      Notice: Approved scripts
      - The admins will check the code and decide if it complies with the server rules.
      - If there is any Code-Edit required to setup the script - it gets denied.
      - Not everything gets added, it must be usefull for other players too.

      Notice: Custom Scripts
      - Code Block allows the use of any script.
      - Servers use a plugin that damages Code Block when using heavy scripts (limit used ticks per player).

      HEX Grid/Block LCD script

      Hex Grid LCD:

        • Upon activating this script in the [Script] settings of the block, we can control what will be displayed on the LCD screen.
        • In the [Custom Data] section, we change the value to "true" or "false" depending on what we want to display.
        • This script provides flexibility in choosing what is displayed, allowing the user to customize the displayed message or information on the LCD screen.

      Hex Block LCD:

        • This script allows for displaying the inventory contents of the block to which it is attached.
        • Simply place the block on cargo (e.g., a resource crate), and the LCD screen will show a list of items found in that block.
        • This script facilitates monitoring resource contents in various blocks, which is particularly useful in situations where there is a need to track and manage resources in the game.

      Both of these scripts are useful for managing information in the game, offering the user control over what is displayed on the LCD screens and enabling easy monitoring of resource contents in blocks.

      Autobuilder Assembler Module

      Enables the automated production.

      This is a special module for the assembler (just like the productivity module and others).
      Once mounted on the assembler, a new function will appear in it, which can be manipulated.

      How to use it?
      Set the selected component in how much you want it always in cargo.

      Example: You want to have 1,000 Steel Plates in cargo at all times.
      Set the Steel Plate in panel to 1000
      - the autobuilder will check your cargo from then on and in case there are less than 1000 Steel Plates, it will simply turn on production and produce the missing amount.

      Can also set the production priority, the higher the selected component in the list, the higher priority it has.

      Note: When you have more than one module, it may cause overproduction.
      - Autobuilder manages the production queue, so duplication of the same tasks may surprise you.

      Remember: This block only works with the assembler.

      Hangar Plugin

      This plugin creates a server-side hangar for your grids. (Grid Garage) Players can save and load grids from their hangar allows you to hide your grids in a secure hangar while you're away.
      Although this plugin introduces an intriguing functionality, we would like to emphasize that it slightly conflicts with our server's vision. Therefore, to maintain gameplay balance and prevent abuse, we have limited the frequency of using the plugin's feature to once every 24 hours.

      • !hangar save - Transfer the grid to the Hangar (Once every PVE - 15min | PVP - 24 hours)
      • !hangar load "GridName" - Restore the grid from the Hangar (Once every PVE - 15min | PVP - 24 hours)
      • !hangar list - Display the list of grids in the Hangar

      Use of the command restricted Once every PVE 15min | PVP - 24 hours!

      Tool Sets

      Tool Sets Commands
      You have access to a simple chat commands that will instantly deliver a toolkit to your inventory.
      The cost of buying depends on the tier of tools
      Example: Exchange 2x Token for a Tool set tier 2

      • !tools 1 - free
      • !tools 2 - 2x Token
      • !tools 3 - 3x Token
      • !tools 4 - 4x Token

      You must have in your personal inventory: Token


      Jackpot Command
      Pay and Win!

      Using simple commands you can feel a little gambler's thrill.
      There are some really valuable and unique resources and tools to be won!

      Use the "!jackpot" command and try your luck 😉

      • !jackpot sc - you pay with Space Credits
      • !jackpot rc - you pay with Rebel Credits

      One draw costs 500 SC or RC
      - SC lower reward
      - RC higher reward

      Remember, this is a jackpot, there is no guarantee of winning!
      You must have in your personal inventory: Space Credit or Rebel Credit

      Restoring grids

      Request restore object: on discord

      • Grids are restored if they were destroyed by game / multiplayer bugs or when you are a victim of Clang!
      • Information we need: Grid name and timeframe it was still in one piece on the server.
      • Grids that crashed / vanished should be reported as soon as possible.
        Grids will be restored when one of the admins is available.
        Time limit is 72 hours.
      • An admin can refuse to restore your grid if the object has no individual name or the specified timeframe is not precise.
      • Grids will be restored without subgrids.
      • Grids stolen / destroyed by other players will not be restored.
      • Grids deleted by lack of grid core will not be restored.
      • Grids that are often crashing will be considered as bugged and will be not restored.
      • Objects with more than one subgrids are considered as clang altairs; will not be restored.
        Sub grids are grids connected to the main grid through rotor, piston, hinge or connector.
        Use them at your own risk.

      These rules can be bend by an admin if they have a good reason to do so.
      Keep in mind that this is a good will decision.


      Production of tools

      To make tools, use the Assembler, Basic Assembler or Survival Kit.


      What is the Seamless client and how to install it?

      Seamless is a client-only plugin that allows you to switch between multiple sectors of Hex Universe almost seamlessly. It takes minutes of loading time between areas and reduces it to just a few seconds.


      • To select the Seamless client, right after installing the "Plugin Loader" click "Plugins", search for "NexusSeamlessClient" and confirm the checkbox then click "Apply" .
        Restart the game and enjoy!

        NANO (Build and Repair) Priority System.

        On the server we have the NANO (Build and Repair System) for easy welding of blocks.
        • Works only on a static grid.

        You might have noticed the priority system for welding blocks is not working. The reason for this, is because it was used to easily grind enemy blocks, so we deactivated this function.


        • Block priority System deactivated


        • Block priority System deactivated.
        • 1 fixed color for grinding blocks:
          360° - 100% - 100% (full red)

        Strange "lag"

        There are several types of lags

        • Lag caused by rendering
          If it loads a new sector for you, you will feel "lag" rendering on your computer.
          The screen freezes in place and this may take a while.
          - High graphics settings often cause this problem.
        • Lag caused by packet loss
          Your character has been stopped and pulled back (rubber banding).
          Very often occurs to players who at the same time download something from the web, or use the Internet on several levels (high use).
          This can also be caused by the server (ddos).
          The server is still vulnerable to attacks despite implemented firewall and network control.
          Keep in mind that the server has a symmetrical network 1Gb/s.

        Configure Safe Zone properly

        The Safe Zone has a lot of settings. But if you are not careful, the enemy can breach it.

        • If you allow building, enemy players will be able to grind your blocks down.

        To be perfectly safe, turn off all settings except shooting and have no blocks sticking out for optimal safety.


        Remember to correctly configure the safe zone

        Wipe - how often?

        The server, by design, upholds the tradition of "Never Wipe"
        - Our team is making every effort to ensure that this does not change.


        The first server under the Rebels Games banner appeared in 2015.

        It was called "Lost in Space"
        - It was shut down in 2017 after a joint decision to treat its development as a basis for expanding another project.

        Second server named "Omega" was unveiled in 2018 and operated continuously until 24/02/2022
        - We focused on refining the balance and adding a massive amount of blocks.

        The latest project is called HEX and builds entirely on previous projects, with a major focus on PVP expansion.


        To decrease the strain on the server from Programmable Blocks, we have implemented a plugin that slows down the running script.

        • The heavier the running script, the more it slows down.
        • This will have a direct impact on the usability of certain scripts.

        Where are MK / ADV blocks?

        While holding the block, use mouse scroll up or down to switch between multiple tiers of that block.

        I lost my ship. How to find it?

        Use chat command:

        • !grids list

        How to clear cache files?

        Easiest way to eliminate problem (most problems).

        • Disconnect from server.
        • Turn off the game.
        • Delete contents of folder in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\ShaderCache2
        • Reset Steam.
        • Connect with server again.

        If it does not help

        • Delete contents of folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244850
        • Check the consistency of files in steam.

        Where is SpaceEngineers log file?

        Log file is in: %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\SpaceEngineers.log

        Annoying video during the game start?

        In the folder shown below you will find Space Engineers video's, remove the ones "KSH.wmv" you don't want to see and make SE start up faster!

        • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Videos

        Support the server

        Starter Pack 

        Begin your cosmic journey with a bang with the Starter Pack on server! Upon purchase, you'll receive a vital Grid Core Component and valuable ingots of Uranium, Copper, Aluminum, Palladium.


        Grid Core Component: Key component to build the most important block on the server.

        Ingot of Precious Materials: Uranium for power, Copper for conduits, Aluminum for lightweight constructions, and Palladium as a valuable building material.


        Embark on your cosmic journey to new heights with the Rebelium Subscription on the server! For a small monthly fee, you become the proud owner of a special currency called Rebelium.

        Subscription benefits:

        Rebelium - Your Own Cosmic Currency:
        Each month, you will receive a set amount of Rebelium, an exclusive currency that you can spend on unique items and upgrades in the game.

        Accelerate Your Progress:
        With Rebelium, gain an advantage for faster progress in building spacecraft, space stations, and other advanced constructions.

        Support Server Development:
        By subscribing to Rebelium, you support the ongoing development of Project HEX, meaning more updates, novelties, and expansions for even more satisfying experiences in the engineering game.

        BOOSTER PACK  

        Supercharge your Space Engineers adventure with the Rebelium Booster Pack!
        Make a one-time purchase to instantly receive a stash of Rebelium, the exclusive in-game currency. Use Rebelium to fast-track your spaceship construction, snag unique cosmetics, and claim your spot among the cosmic elite.


        Immediate Rebelium Injection: Get a quick boost of Rebelium to kickstart your cosmic endeavors.

        Express Progress: Speed up your in-game progress and dominate the space frontier.

        Exclusive Rewards: Enjoy instant access to exclusive bonuses, blocks and more.

        Little coffee 

        We created this project with passion, each of us adds their own contribution to the common fun.

        ‒ Support the development

        ‒ More motivation to work

        Non-profit in game

        Super Patron 100€

        You appreciate our work and really care about this project? And so do we! We try with all our might to keep the smile from disappearing from you faces.

        By choosing this option:
        You will cover 1/3 of the monthly cost of maintaining the server infrastructure.

        ‒ Support and investment the development

        ‒ More motivation and more strength to work

        ‒ Monthly maintenance of infrastructure

        ‒ Role on Discord  Super Patron

        Non-profit in game

        Patron 5€

        Support our project and become its patron. Your contribution is not only a step towards achieving our goals but also crucial for maintaining server profitability.
        Thank you for every assistance!

        ‒ Support the development

        ‒ Maintaining profitability

        ‒ Role on Discord  Patron

        Non-profit in game


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